Here’s How A REAL Governor Does it

God bless Jerry Brown, again. All we need is eight of him. The SF Business News covers his trip to China, including who paid.  BTW, the latest IGS Berkeley poll shows Jerry with a 59% approval rating even though the gas tax increase he supported is opposed by about that many.

Read about the trip HERE. And here’s a take, emphasizing jobs, right HERE.  For info on the Bay Area Council,  click HERE.

4 thoughts on “Here’s How A REAL Governor Does it

  1. Jerry Brown and our Legislature are out of control with taxation and spending. They need to bring it down a few notches and deal with our budget. I guess drumming up international business is part of closing the gap. The gas tax increase gave ME gas. Humboldt County is already one of the most expensive places in the US to buy fuel.

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