Short Ribs and Random Thoughts

Though I’d call our short takes this week “short ribs”. This county, like Napoleon’s army, lives on its stomach.

Eating Out:   we had out of town company and ended up unexpectedly in two  Asian places I hadn’t tried.  The A&J Ichiban had had some so-so reviews but we found it delightful.  I didn’t take notes but the food was fine. Good service, too. Will definitely be back.  The other was the Siam Orchid, tucked behind the lock shop at 4th and V Streets.   The shrimp curry was so good I took the sauce home in a little box. Again, we will return.

Dumping on Uber- seems to be the new cottage industry. I don’t CARE what happens to  their goofy CEO, I don’t CARE what happens to anyone there, I just want to  salute their magnificent software that AWAYS  WORKS. My friend got a ride to ACV the morning he left, no hassles. Like Obamacare,  now that we’re used to it, it won’t go away. Hopefully.

Old Town Sac- There are plans to our a lot of money into ti to make OTS a destination “such as Beale Street or the French Quarter”.  Well, Beale Street is nothing special but I’d sure like to see them do something with Old Sac.  Some former Disney Imagineers are apparently involved.  Read about it HERE.

6 thoughts on “Short Ribs and Random Thoughts

  1. I see Fred’s Humboldt Blog is on your list. He hasn’t posted in a while, if you have information that could be shared those of us who have appreciated Fred would like to know how he’s doing.
    Don’t know him except from his blog but I do hope he’s still with us and I want to send best wishes.

    • His full name was Fred Mangels and his obit was in the Times-Standard within the last couple of weeks. You can send wishes there.

  2. I will check Ernesto’s out. I have heard of it, but have never been there. There are also numerous pockets of vitality throughout the city; The Pavillions on Fair Oaks and Fulton come to mind. (If health care choices and availability do not improve here soon, I may be a new resident there.)

    • Ernesto’s is VERY social. Lots of State workers enjoying margaritas and nachos at happy hour. I hear ya re: health care.

  3. Old Sacramento is already like Disneyland, and I rarely go there. The most vibrant part of Sacramento is Midtown, roughly 17th to 28th and I to R streets, the main part being on J, K, L, and Capitol (M) streets.

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