4 thoughts on “BAY AREA Renters say they want to move. Will they come here?

  1. Today’s NY Times has a story about a women who commutes from Stockton to San Francisco via two trains and a bus in between. She leaves Stockton on the ACE train at 4am to get to her job by 7am. She said it is worth it because she can rent a 3 bedroom house for $1000 a month compared with double that for a one bedroom apartment in Alameda.

    • Yes! One of the biz journals is carrying that story. When I worked in Sac we had employees who commuted from Stockton to Sac by train. I thought that was outlandish but there are worse commutes.

      • By train? Amtrak’s San Joaquin turns westward at Stockton and Amtrak has a bus connection to Sacramento. Perhaps this was before Amtrak was created in 1971?

        • No this was maybe 15 years ago . I know they have an Amtrak stop in Sac. It just sounded like an ordeal considering they had to get TO the train from Evergreen Street.

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