From the SF Chronicle,  an account of how the Trumpies are laying siege to THE LAST UNSPOILED SECTION OF ROUTE 66. And a few other treasures. Any of you who have kids and haven’t taken them on their Route 66 road trip, hurry up. Who knows what they’ll try next? 

The story is HERE.

6 thoughts on “NO!! HANDS OFF ROUTE 66!!!

  1. Sorry folks, but this info is wrong. I, as a ‘Trumpy’ AND a preservationist for Route 66 who donates ‘my time and my dime’ to further the success and longevity of Route 66, can attest the road is not going anywherein most of our lifetimes. I have invested almost a decade of my own time, and went as far to purchase a historic garage on the route to feel quite confident I picked a winning horse when I decided to spend my time and energy on this glorious road. And I am not alone. Folks from all of the USA AND the world feel the same way I do.
    So the sky is not falling, Route 66 will not (again) fade away in the history books, and you still can drive 80% of the ORIGINAL road and see so many places along the way – it will take you 3 weeks if you do it correctly.
    Route 66 World

  2. It is interesting to note that Route 66 goes through West Hollywood and Beverly Hills ending in Santa Monica. I believe Santa Monica Blvd through these cities was designated as Route 66 (in addition to California Route 2).

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