Short Ribs and Random Thoughts- Oct 2 2017

TRUMP and his gang- What do you call a guy who steals your money, and, when confronted, offers to pay back 10% of what he owes? A bum? LeBron already used that. How ’bout a shithead? Dr Price thinks he deserves to be shuttled about in military and private planes while cutting $1 BILLION in research funds that might actually save lives.  We all knew that Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp” was a joke when he staffed his cabinet with Goldman Sachs folks..Meanwhile Trump has become such a lying blowhard that no one even wants to listen to him anymore.  His egomania is out of control in his frenzy to show that “only he” can save the country as he insults the female mayor of San Juan. His racism is out of control as he plays golf while his people go without WATER. If only he would get the hell out of the way…

FOR THE RECORD I do not give a fuck whether the NFL players stand, kneel or do cartwheels during the national anthem and I have no use for football. All I know is that a nice young man seems to be unemployed because of his political views. If that’s true, it’s wrong, just wrong.

THANK GOD for Attorney Peter Martin who again is doing the Lord’s work by challenging the panhandling ordinance. I’m sure he will be reviled as Jason Singleton was.  This community does not seem to honor its attorneys.  Jealousy?  Ignorance?

THE DEMISE OF MARIE CALLENDER’S-  I never ate a meal  there but for the past couple of years my desperation, back up plan, last-minute dinner ploy was to pick up one of their bacon quiches.  Fed four and only $12.!  I miss them terribly already.  I know COSTCO  has cheesecakes but I don’t think they carry quiches. I am truly bummed.

Don’tcha love October?  Overnight,  Fall has arrived and the furnace is kicking on again. Life is good, even with the execrable Trump still in the White House.  Wonder what Bob Mueller’s doing today?


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