9 thoughts on “The TAX “CUTS”- Read It and Weep

  1. Policy wise:

    1) the tax cuts are mainly for getting all this money repatriated from overseas – so expect every bullshit explanation about what that money is going to do……. It’s a trade-off so the ownership can retain more profit and not pay as much in taxes…… It’s not about trying to avoid taxes 100% it’s just about getting a better cut in the deal……

    2) what should happen is that the United States of America strip every company who is holding outside money overseas of their license to do business in America and be registered on a national offender list no different than illicit drug traficking….toughon crime…..ya right….HOJ got a fix or few

    3) then proceed by stripping their copyright and patent and other protections and privileges…….

    4) put a lis pendins, lien, quit claim, asset forfeiture, eminent domain, etc…..something with a shark tooth and snake tight grip on those same companies that are shielding money from taxation in foreign bank accounts or who simply and abitrarily and capriciously leave the customer sales money or personal profits in the banking financial systems of other countries and not the one that Americans on an everyday basis are living from within……..

    4) begin selling back to public at tax loss auctions like Humboldt County does, and providing new patents, copywrites,etc…. in the same facilities that have now been taken to be provided to someone else to do the work – at some point capitalism has to understand that it is not capitalism to take your money supply and put it into other countries Financial systems……..

    5) so back to 1) the bullshitter and chief uses 1) to banter rhetoric about 1)……… And there’s nothing to prevent…….. 2), )3, or )4………

    The rich threaten you with the loss of jobs……… fine then we create our own jobs after putting treasonist companies out of business for social treason using the money supply which actually is more than social treason its Financial treason which is National treason which is punishable by death, so instead of mortal death we just make treasonist companies die……..breed life to nationalists/patriots (not supremist btw, love of country) wanting better quality of life here at home…….

    It didn’t have to be this way……..said the fireman .

  2. Dunno about an author who lives in Oregon giving a Washington DC presentation if you will…. Or New York city-based presentation……

    HOJ has said before the BNC was elected that he was a con man….. Just humbled by how many people have converted over to HOJ’s way of thinking……….

    Up to this point the new tax bill that is being drafted has already proven to be stabbing people in the Heart by way of their back……. So many broken campaign promises…….. So many attempts that turn into failure regarding Obamacare, and tax cuts…… Special investigations that no one trusts………. The implosion up on Capitol Hill that has yet to trickle down to State and local governments over sex scandals or sexual assault claims……..

    Just heard early this morning that California is next……. You gotta believe there’s some perverted lying sexual predators in Sacramento……… In a state where politicians defacto require aliases like Moonbeam…… And Trump up illegals who murder and rape women……. over immigration agendas……….

    Cheers to the whole shithouse going down the freaking toilet……

    • There’s been plenty of trickle-down already, at least two resignations in Sacto…Don’t understand your reference to “politicians requiring aliases” . Who’s requiring them other than the idiots who are still calling Brown “Moonbeam” thirty years after the originator of the term apologized. Betcha can’t name him!

      • Mike Royko, columnist for the Chicago Sun Times, thought Moonbeam was appropriate when Brown was advocating for a communications satellite in 1978. One of Brown’s greatest contributions to this state was his Office of Appropriate Technology, unfortunately a victim of George Duckmejian.

  3. A good analysis of the election of Trump and his first year in office is the book “Trump in the White House: Tragedy and Farce” by John Bellamy Foster just published by Monthly Review Press. The author lives in Eugene, Oregon.
    Another book on this issue is “Devil’s Bargain: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and the Storming of the Presidency” by Joshua Green published by Penguin Press this year.

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