HOW DUMB IS TRUMP? Does he really believe the FBI exists in a single room and can only do one thing at a time? Now he’s claiming the Russia investigation kept the FBI from checking out the Florida shooter. He probably doesn’t know that the FBI has over 30K employees.  Shouldn’t have skipped those briefings, Don.  Keep it up, Don.   You’re not as smart as you think you are.

FEDERAL TAX FORMS-  I’ve been wondering where they were.  Now the County website says they’ll be here in ‘Late February.”  So hang tight. Or hang loose. I’ve never figured out which you re supposed to say.

INTERESTING STATS:  Broward County FL has ONE (1) high school counselor for each 462 students.

MOMMAS DONT LET YOUR BABIES GROW UP TO BE TRUCK DRIVERS-  For years , employment counselors could count on Swift or someone always being in the market for truck drivers.  No more! “More than 3.7 million Americans make a living behind the wheel and 3.1 million of those jobs are at risk”, according to Tim Dickinson’s article in the Jan 11 issue.   Self-driving cars are safer and more reliable than human-driven.  Trump,   of course,  wants to cut the DOL retraining budget.  And as usual, the Chinese are ‘way ahead of us.

Speaking of transportation, according to the New York Times, that city’s partially completed Second Avenue subway is costing SIX TIMES MORE than a similar line extension in Paris. WHY????  Don’t blame the unions.  Their unions are ferocious compared with ours.

THE ROB PORTER MESS-  is probably just an indicator of how sloppy and mismanaged our White House is.  Porter had to abuse BOTH his ex-wives AND a girlfriend?  People with hair like that are always either vampires or  Mormons. 130 people without security  clearances? Obama would have been run out of town on a rail.

WATCHING THE OLYMPICS-  a distraction for which we’re all grateful. I like the Winter Olympics better than the Summer because I will never, ever, do anything even remotely like that. I tried to ice skate once.  Once.

ADS I LOVE-  I love the ad with the Ray Charles music.  Who could resist that? And i love the ad with Butch the coonhound who doesn’t like his owner’s new boyfriend.  Well done!

THE BRISTOL ROSE CAFE  is closed  by the heath department.  This is a place I have never visited.   Tried to eat there once but turned away because the whole place was empty and it was just too creepy. The Eureka Inn is such a jewel but I’m afraid the current owner has neither the cash nor the expertise to run the place,  What a shame!!!

So here we are on Presidents’ Day, with the worst President EVER in the White House. He’s gross, egomaniacal, wouldn’t  know empathy if he hit it in the road, ignorant, crass and came up with a budget plan so bad his own staff is ashamed of it. Read over the indictment and know that better days are coming.


4 thoughts on “SHORT RIBS AND RANDOM THOUGHTS Feb 19 2018

  1. He’sjust a coward who didn’t realize it until he faced real danger. Evidence is piling up that he”s not just a coward, but an incompetent one. A counselor told investigators that a mobile crisis unit had been called out to the school “and determined he was not at risk to harm himself or others.” Cruz had gotten into a fight with a boy over a girl, the counselor said. The team from Henderson found Cruz “stable enough not to be hospitalized.” The school resource officer, a sheriff’s deputy, refused to share any information with the investigator “regarding the incident that took place” with Cruz but confirmed that Henderson staff came to the school, assessed Cruz and did not hospitalize him. It”s just getting worse and worse.

  2. I remember when the Bristol Rosa Cafe was simply called the Coffee Shop and served breakfast and lunch. Patrons would have dinner at the Rib Room. A grand hotel, and the Eureka Inn qualifies (or should qualify) as such, needs to have a restaurant that serves all three meals. To have just a breakfast bar, as the Eureka Inn presently has, puts the Inn in the same class as a chain motel. It saddens me to even walk into the Inn, knowing what is was as late as the 1980s.

    • I agree. It’s so sad. I remember going to the grand re-opening when Zhu bought it. Everyone in town was there wishing them the best, but yu cat sell a full-service hotel to a guy who has only managed motels and expect it to work. I was in a Kiwanis that met at the Inn every week. That was a good revenue stream. Now they’re meeting at Rita’s, the Pantry etc. Sad.

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