Trump wouldn’t know a deal if he hit one in the road.   Right now he has ” No deal on immigration. No deal on health care. No deal on gun control. No deal on spending cuts. No deal on Nafta. No deal on China trade. No deal on steel and aluminum imports. No deal on Middle East peace. No deal on the Qatar blockade. No deal on Syria. No deal on Russia. No deal on Iran. No deal on climate change. No deal on Pacific trade.” 

Read about it HERE


Our incompetent President is doing his best to destroy ventures like this.  South Carolina,  like Humboldt, is an impoverished area needing investments, but unlike Humboldt they have attracted good employers-  BMW in Spartanburg, employing 10,000 workers,  Mercedes Benz near Charleston and now Volvo making hybrids, also near Charleston. Business cannot thrive when our leaders are making decisions based on pique, rather than on solid economics.

Read about it HERE.


From the Humboldt Bay Harbor Working Group :

“Is there a Market for Containerized Shipments from our Port to the rest of the World?”

EUREKA—The presentation for this month’s Humboldt Bay Harbor Working Group (HBHWG) luncheon will be guest speaker Mike Marsden, Vice President, Business Development, Pacific Charter Financial Services who will share the potential markets for containerized shipments through the Port of Humboldt Bay.

​The seventh busiest container port in the United States is the Port of Oakland.  It handles more than 99% of the containerized goods moving through Northern California, and three-quarters of that trade is with Asia.  The Port of Humboldt Bay is an ideal location for handling a portion of the containerized goods now going through the Port of Oakland.

Mike Marsden will present an overview of what that portion of containerized goods might be. Mr. Marsden is with Pacific Northwest Railroad (PNR). The group has studied the supply chain feeding the Port of Oakland’s operations, and has identified existing markets that would move their containerized shipments through our Port rather than other Ports.

This presentation is the third in a series on “The Development of the Port of Humboldt Bay as an International Seaport.”  The next few Luncheons will continue to be dedicated to envisioning our Harbor as an international seaport.

The luncheon is scheduled for Wednesday, June 27, at the Samoa Cookhouse.  The luncheon is a “no host” event. Lunch starts being served at noon; and the presentation starts around 12:30.

Southern Fried Chicken will be served for lunch at $16 and soup and salad is available for $12.  To RSVP please contact 707-441-1974 or email:  Charles.Bean@Yahoo.com

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TRUMP THE TERRORIST  Submitted  by me to the Times-Standard June 19 2018

“Donald Trump,  a lifelong white racist, has joined with racists Jeff Sessions and Stephen Miller in inflicting terror on young children by using them as pawns to get his despicable WALL built. As a white racist, he is threatened by Latino culture, especially the strong family ties.  His attack on Latino  families is consistent  with his unconscionable neglect of Puerto Rico during the recent hurricane. We have experienced 500+ days of Trump’s racism.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough.”

-WHAT DOES EUREKA NEED?  We need a good Korean restaurant.  That one in Arcata a while ago was not good.  We need good Greek/Mediterranean food. The quality at the Kebab Cafe  has fallen off lately. Too much gristle in the Gyros meat.  We need a REAL deli, not the HEALTHY stuff ENF pushes.  An honest-to God JEWISH deli with grease and garlic. And I don’t think I am alone in missing KFC. Am I?   What else do we need? Other than a railroad.

BIZ TV-  “THE DEED”  is a better -than average business show on CNBC, featuring an investor in New Orleans who finances house flips.  Good show, and who doesn’t love NOLA?

TRUMP LYING EVEN MORE-  what a record this guy is piling up. Read the WAPO account HERE.

RICHARD PAINTER FOR SENATE!!!!!!     I am one degree separated from Richard Painter who has been a frequent guest on MSNBC and CNN, railing against Trump’s violations of the Emoluments Clause.  He’s a law professor at Minnesota, and a friend of my cousin’s, and he’s running for Al Franken’s old seat. Support him!  Or at least watch THIS.


Happy Fathers’ Day, everyone. Hope your kids aren’t being put into tents in 100-degree heat.

-“Pruitt!  Pruitt!”  I was working at the computer and kept hearing “Pruitt!  Pruitt!” from the TV in the next room. My God, what has he done now, I wondered as I finally got up to check.  Turned out I had left the TV on AMC and that gravelly voice yelling at “Pruitt” was Burt Lancaster as Sgt Warden yelling at the hapless, headstrong private Pruitt played by Montgomery Clift in that great movie From Here To Eternity.  I hope you’re all seen it at least once.   One of the great ones.

The garbage has moved!  Did you realize the office of Humboldt Recology  has moved from 14th Street,  right next to the recycling center,  all the way to SAMOA?? Who the hell wants to go all the way to SAMOA to discuss a garbage bill? Did we get to vote on this??  Isn’t there something in their contract about providing  convenient access to customers? There ought to be. Do they even have bus service to SAMOA????? Geez.

Tea Party-  Have you heard of Lapsang Soochong?  It’s smoked tea,  and once  you drink it you cannot be content with Lipton’s.  Since I quit coffee ten years ago I have been content with a half hearted cup of Lipton’s in the morning but since our friend in Berkeley turned us on to Lapsang Soochong, nothing else will do and the closest place I can find it for sale is the Berkeley Bowl , which  isn’t exactly  convenient. I’ve looked at Co-Op , Wildberries, the coffee places– no one carries it.  So in desperation I joined Amazon Prime and order six boxes,  which should have shown up by now but haven’t.  As soon as they have I intend to cancel my membership   ($12.99 /month) .  Any help welcome!!!

Scott Pruitt Just Can’t Get It Right

He even had a government employee try to find a job for his wife as a Chic-Fil-A franchisee,  then she never completed the application.  Maybe it was too hard. Don’t get me wrong-  I LOVE Chic-Fil-A and I would love them even if Pruitt OWNED the place but he doesn’t.   The closest store to here is the one on Cleveland In Santa Rosa. 

Read  about it HERE