-Here’s Jeffrey Toobin’s take on Trump:

“Today is actually a significant moment in American history. We’ve only had 45 presidents. And here we now we know, that one of them was elected with the explicit and intentional help of a foreign power, in violation of American law, with the aggressive and open support of the candidate” who benefited from the crimes…

Jeffrey Toobin on “AC360…”

In the current Sunset, I was astounded to read a plug for the Sandman motel in Santa Rosa.  When I worked for the State,  I must have stayed there a dozen times, always with the thought that, although it wasn’t luxe, it was cheap  enough for State employees. They were NOT damaged in the fire, although they barely escaped, and now they have relaunched themselves,  adding a restaurant  for breakfast, in place of the bagels they used to push. You used to have to go to the McDonald’s next door if you wanted any protein. I’m dyin’ to see if they have really changed much.  Their new rate in $177, about $50 more than before the fire.  Where will the poor State employees go?

“WHAT TIME DOES THE BALLOON GO UP?”  Do you remember the Archie comics, in which there was a heavy girl named Portia and a wag named Jackson who used to crow, every time Portia showed up, “What time does the balloon go up?”  Not PC,  but funny as hell. I find myself thinking of that phrase  whenever  I see that blimp or balloon or whatever it is with the likeness of  Baby Trump. I don’t think it’s a blimp because  blimps have  engines  and this doesn’t look like it does, but it’s a perfect reflection of his immaturity and ignorance.  I hope someone makes them commercially available SOON..

Eureka native Sara Bareilles received a Tony nomination the other day, this time for her performance opposite John Legend in the revival of Jesus Christ Superstar. WHY doesn’t she get more attention at home? WHEN will she do a concert for the home folks?

YAY FRANCE! for beating the Croatians in Moscow to win the World Cup.  Yes, alliances matter!  Yes, we love the French and always will, if they’re still speaking to us after the  Trump era ends.

Speaking of France, have you  been watching the Tour de France? It’s on Suddenlink Ch 57, at odd times.  It’s like a travelogue  and I love it. My knowledge of France is limited to Paris and Brittany and the Tour always includes a stretch in Brittany,  the northwest edge of France. Stage 5 went right through L’Orient, where I attended a Celtic Festival.  The Bretons do not consider themselves French and when I bought my ticket I noticed that they didn’t appreciate folks who fumbled their way in French, so I stepped right up and ordered in English and got nothing but smiles.  What a treat to see the town(s) I had driven though filled with riders and fans. I get tired just watching them.


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