A release from the Harbor Group:

The Humboldt Bay Harbor Working Group will be having its monthly luncheon this Wednesday, the 29th.  But instead of having a guest speaker, we will be having a general discussion about Pacific Northwest Railroad’s plans for rail connect between the deep-water sea port of Humboldt Bay and the truck-rail hub terminal at Gerber near Red Bluff.

At our last two luncheons, representatives of PNR gave us an overview of what they are planning. It wants to connect the Port of Humboldt Bay to the national rail network.  The goal is more efficient, reliable, and—consequently—economical shipping of containerized goods between our nation and the Asia market. Their project is threefold: (1) the inland terminal, (2) the sea port, and (3) the rail connection between the two.

Our luncheon discussion will focus on the plans for the rail connect. We want to discuss what we see will happen to our port with the rail connect…what will we get with rail connection to the rest of the Nation; what are the positives and negatives we foresee of doing it?  Further, what might happen without the rail connect…are there advantages of not having rail connection to the rest of the Nation?

The luncheon is at the Samoa Cookhouse and is a “no host” event. Lunch starts being served at noon; and the discussion will start around 12:20.

We invite and encourage you to attend and participate in the discussion.

Larry Henderson, Chair

Humboldt Bay Harbor Working Group



FAREWELL, JOHN McCAIN-  I never voted for him and I’m sure his politics weren’t consistent with mine,  but in this age of sleaze and compromise, I can’t help but respect his character.  Some folks are dissing him.  I doubt they are worth 1/100 of him.

THERE’S ALWAYS A LOCAL ANGLE-  I just got off the phone from trying to reach my brother,  who lives in Jacksonville.  I believe he’s in DC at the moment, which is a better place to be. I’ve been to the Landing a time or two but there wasn’t much to attract me.  My stepmother, when she was in her ‘eighties, asked  us several times  to go to the Hooters there.  I asked her why and she said she wanted to see the owls!  Prayers for those affected.

MORE LOCAL ANGLE-  The new hit movie Crazy Rich Asians,  was directed by a young fellow,  Jon Chu,  who was in my cousin’s kid’s scout troop in Palo Alto. His father,   Chef  Chu,  has had one of the most renowned Chinese restaurants, and my family’s favorite,  in Silicon Valley,  at the  corner of El Camino and San Antonio.  One of Chef Chu’s cooks,  a Mr Liu, emigrated north to Eureka and started  the well-beloved Liu’s Restaurant which only closed recently when he retired. So now you know.

THAT NEW BISTRO – an out-of -towner opined  recently on Yelp that Eurekans must be happy to have a bistro at last.  Actually we’e had several including Brick and Fire and the Humboldt Bay Bistro. I’m always suspicious of places that give themselves grandiose names.  Throw a little wine at a coffee shop and it’s a bistro. Anyway,  the DULCE bistro,   in the old HCAR building at 7th and E in Eureka is the real deal.  They don’t have a huge lunch menu but what they had was pleasing.  I had their vegetable galette which was tasty with a light and flaky crust.  I ordered their carrot soup on a hunch ( I normally won’t eat cooked carrots) and it was very, very good. My friend had a burger and a salad.  We were both impressed and ready to return.

Amazon AND Google AND Facebook- Do you get the idea that giant corporations are taking over your life?  You’re right.  I’ve mostly disconnected from Facebook except for I Remember In Eureka When and Sara Senger’s posts which always seem to pop up  ( I think she’s great.)  But anyone can minimize their time on Facebook, which I recommend. How do you get out from under Google? Each time something on the net “recommends” some purchase I know it’s the algorithms tracking what I bought recently or THOUGHT about buying;  that’s how creepy it’s getting. To make it worse,  I recently had a stellar experience with Amazon Prime and I am now a convert.  There’s nothing like a few months of hobbling around with a cane to show you the advantages of mail-order.  I’ve always bought local but these are desperate times.  If my life has to be run by a giant corporation,   I’ll line up behind Jeff Bezos.