“Humboldt Bay Harbor Recreation & Conservation District, 4 Division Candidates”

EUREKA—The guest speakers for this month’s Humboldt Bay Harbor Working Group luncheon will be Candidates for the 4th Division Representation on the Humboldt Bay Harbor Recreation & Conservation District (HBHR&CD).

Each Candidate for the 4th Division (4-year term) of the HBHR&CD were asked: “Your reason for running to serve on the Harbor Commission?”

Candidate Marian Brady:  I have several reasons for becoming a candidate for Harbor Commissioner: The conviction that the Harbor Commission has been making many poor financial decisions, has not cooperated with other agencies for the betterment of our port and harbor, has not taken care of their duty to dredge Woodley Island, Fields Landing or King Salmon while collecting money from their dock tenants to do so; the lack of transparency with finances and arrogance of some of the commissioners when dealing with the public by ignoring their concerns and those of the fishermen are also reasons, and there are many more.

Candidate Richards Marks: For the last nine years I have had the honor to serve the 4th Division as Commissioner on the Humboldt Bay Harbor Recreation and Conservation District. During this time, shipping is dramatically up, there are more jobs, the bay is cleaner and is more productive, and the financial health of the district has improved greatly. I believe Humboldt Bay is at the heart of our community. Its vitality is our vitality. I am committed to continue to work hard to keep Humboldt Bay working toward the future.

The plan is for the candidates to introduce themselves and share their goals, and then answer 3 or 4 questions (time allowed).

The luncheon is scheduled for Wednesday, September 26th. The luncheons are at the Samoa Cookhouse and are a “no host” event. Lunch starts being served at noon; and the presentation starts around 12:30.

Meatloaf will be served for lunch at $16 and soup and salad is available for $12.  To RSVP please contact 707-441-1974 or email:  Charles.Bean@Yahoo.com

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