Well, why not? There’s a new addition to everyone’s favorite neighborhood. The F Street Gallery, operated by artist Kathryn Stotler, is located just across from Joanne’s and catty-corner from the Fresh Freeze. It’s great to see a new business opening up there. Here’s her announcement.  

F Street Gallery, in Henderson Center, Eureka features contemporary abstract art of the Pacific North Coast.  Officially opened in January 2019, the gallery, located at 3122 F Street,  showcases the work of artist / owner Kathryn Stotler.  Her studio, where she paints local geological forms with a unique magnification, is located in the gallery as well. Both are open to the public Wednesday through Saturday from 11:00 to 4:00 as well as by appointment.  

The building is a small Tudor revival house built in 1926 allegedly by construction students.  The Stotlers purchased it nearly twenty years ago and it served as a psychotherapy office for most of that time. 

,When her husband retired Stotler was delighted to learn that the building’s zoning allowed for it to be an art gallery.  Now the house provides space for her large paintings as well as smaller works, unframed originals, and cards.

For more information, call or text 707-601-2333, email to, or visit

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