OUR FAKE PRESIDENT AND HIS FAKE BORDER CRISIS. WHO could have believed  that  ONE ignorant, demented person could wreak such havoc on so many innocent lives?  And his “let’em eat cake”  attitude is getting old really fast. From the New Yorker,  Jeffrey Toobin’s take on the legalities of the shutdown  is horrifyingly pessimistic.  It’s right HERE.  And from Salon, the polls are worrying, or should  be, for Trump.    Read their take HERE. From the WAPO, the “shutdown ” is selective. Read about it HERE.  

And now it turns out that this whole “border crisis ” and the Trump-ordered government shutdown are a fake crisis intended to divert attention from the fact that Our Fake President  is being investigated as a traitor. Keep your eye on the ball.

AND it turns out Trump has been hiding the  notes from his talks with his sweetie Putin. The WAPO has the story HERE.   Ya can’t make this stuff up.  Unfortunately.

Trump’s talk on Afghanistan has our allies on edge. Check it out HERE;

HERE’s Lucian Truscott’s take on how the end will come. HE’s backing anxiety. Read about it HERE. 

BEST RESTAURANTS IN EUREKA ? Here are MY choices, in no particular order: Brick & Fire, Siam Orchid, Bella Italia, Humboldt Bay Bistro, Ichiban, the AA and the Stuf’d Potato. What are YOUR picks?

BEST RESTAURANTS in the COUNTRY? YELP rates a few restaurants kind of close to us as being in the top 100. One is a tiny Middle Eastern place in Santa Clara called Achilles that doesn’t even have a website. Another is ALSO a Middle-Eastern place in Rocklin called Wally’s Cafe, also without a website. In Roseville, they list Guy’s Café , menu HERE,

Finally, they list the Big H Deli in Fairfield, ALSO with no website. What I call “middle -Eastern”, they’re calling “Mediterranean”, probably an easier sell. And what’s up with al these places deciding that they can make do with Facebook, no website? GET OFF FACEBOOK, PEOPLE!! FB is going to be out of business soon, anyway.

Have you had the misfortune of having to deal with the world’s worst website, that of our garbage company, Recology? All I want is for my payments to be deducted automatically like my PG&E payments, my cable payments and ALL the others but NOOOO, Recology keeps sending me a paper notice and requiring me to log into their website JUST TO PAY MY BILL. I just had my fourth conversation with their office staff . This time they couldn’t even get the damn website to work and advised me to call back. They say they have constant complaints. HOW did these guys get the franchise?? Is there NO local company that could handle this??? Next time it comes up for bid I hope they have some competition.

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