From the New York Times Jan 3:

THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION … PARALLEL REALITY — @EricLiptonNYT: “As of Thursday, DOD will be run by a former senior Boeing executive. EPA is run by a former coal lobbyist. HHS is run by a former pharmaceutical lobbyist. And Interior will be run by a former oil-industry lobbyist. Welcome to 2019.”

HAPPY NEW YEAR halfway through the Trump term. If Vladimir Putin doesn’t have Our Fake President on a leash, how to explain our current mess.? Our country and our allies are in disarray, and we are being governed by a thug who lives in a world of “suckers” and “rats”.

From the WAPO, a good writeup of Our Fake President’s continuing-and -never-improving ignorance of foreign affairs. Check it out HERE

Have you heard about the proposal to lower the bar exam score required to pass the California bar? Lower it??? They ought to be RAISING it! This was put forth by some law schools whose graduates weren’t passing, poor babies. Maybe the law schools should do a better job. California and New York have historically been tough bars, and that’s the way I like it. You want an easy bar exam, take it in Texas.

How about that Wells Fargo, busted AGAIN, this time for charging their customers for unwanted mortgage insurance. This time, they’re only being fined $575M. I will ask again WHY DOES ANYONE DO BUSINESS WITH WELLS FARGO? Because you like the little stagecoach picture on the checks???? I’ll skip this week’s Facebook scandals except to ask again WHY IS ANYONE STILL ON FACEBOOK? If you don’t know how to use email ask a kid. Actually, the kids have already abandoned FB in favor of Snapchat or god knows what.

CHRISTMAS TREES- I was alarmed to see only three days after Christmas, an ad showing people already recycling their trees! Who does that? Why so fast?? I don’t take mine down til Jan 6 at the earliest! I actually don’t take mine down at all. I MOVE it a couple of feet back into the other plants and turn off the lights. You don’t even notice it. Works for us.

I don’t have anything more to say about the Women’s March to add tp all the commentary about PC gone amok. I wish the organizers had followed MY favorite maxim: Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

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