THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING as the media devours the Mueller Report-APRIL 21 2019

Happy Easter, everyone!  My least favorite holiday is going to be sunny, anyway

...and I’m stuck at home waiting for a grocery delivery with one eye on the TV. Speaking of food, after Barr dropped the Mueller report on Wednesday night, he dined at the popular TOSCA. Inviting menu, but no low-cal choices for our portly AG. Strict cancellation policy, too. Read about it HERE.

WHAT? You haven’t made it through all the 400 pages? It’s going to take me awhile. I’m going to send for it from Amazon. Seems fitting. I’m old enough to remember how we all carried that blue paperback around for weeks in 1998 when we had our last Special Counsel crisis. That one was a lot more fun to read, what with all the sex, and the hideous characters (remember Linda Tripp?) and so forth. For the nonce, I will not overwhelm you with analysis. I think this should marinate for a few days. At least the damn report is now available, and all the spin from Barr cannot change it. If you need a link to the report, it’s HERE.

For one of the juicier links, hold on. Trump’s fury at Don McGahn for- horrors!- obeying the law is set forth in the WAPO HERE.

Our snarling President’s contempt for the rule of law is further illustrated by his remarkable assertion, on Meet the Press, that there is nothing wrong with accepting oppo research from our country’s greatest enemy. How low COULD they go? I hope we don’t have to go thru another election to find out. Will impeachment be necessary? I’m for whatever gets him out the fastest.

On to cheerier news, the Times picked up on the weird resignation letter that Allen McCloskey sent to the HCCDC with some weird pictures attached and some weird assertions included, especially the part about .a “hidden fund”. Having been involved in the HCDCC for a number of years, I can assure you there is no more over-regulated area of life than campaign finance law and the notion of an off-the -books slush fund is ludicrous.

I’m also puzzled as to why a lot of opposition to Rex Bohn is surfacing. Rex has been saying dumb things for years! Why only now is anyone noticing? Is there a candidate out there who’s willing to take him on? Step up, sir or madam. Love to see it.

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