Doesn’t it warm your heart to know that Our Fake President is retweeting AS REAL that doctored video of Nancy Pelosi slurring her words?  Can he go any lower? Time will tell.  Now he’s off to Japan, tweeting insults to Joe Biden and everyone else who threatens him.  Remember when that kind of behavior would have  been unacceptable??   Here’s a clue:  It still is.   What has also become clear is that AG Barr is even more evil and duplicitous that his boss.  Getting rid of Barr is even more critical than getting rid of Trump,  when you think about it.   Let’s hope the Orange One doesn’t make too much of a fool of himself in Japan. His appearances will be carefully choreographed.  Does he know how to eat with chopsticks??  He will come back having proved again that he CANNOT negotiate,  not even a little bit.  Fake, fake, fake.

What sets Trump off? Nancy Pelosi is an expert at getting under his skin. POLITICO has the story HERE. 

And how does Trump respond , except with an altered video as we mentioned,  see it HERE.   And from the New YorkTimes, it looks like the Trump family will have lots of chances to embarrass us further. Check that out  HERE.   And if you’re wondering why Putin always seems to be so well-prepared compared with Trump, it’s because he IS. Read about it HERE. 

From POLITICO: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) dining at Chloe in Navy Yard on Thursday night. That crispy whole fish sounds pretty good to me!

MISCELLANY:  The Boston Globe is the latest big-city paper to announce it has more digital subscribers than print.  Several commenters have noted that under Trump we now have TWO swamps, the traditional one and Mar-A-Lago, where influence is bought and sold over expensive dinners.  A San Francisco restaurant which was founded in 1997 and is now closing, is being called “iconic”.  HOW can you be iconic in 20 years?  That doesn’t sound right.

LOCAL DEVELOPMENTS: It was news to me that the Cash & Carry or Smart & FInal Iris or Untied Grocers or whatever that place near the old Midway is calling itsef these days, now has GROCERY CARTS!!l   Real grocery carts, not just those big awful things they use to move pallets.  I may actually start shopping there again. 

ADVENTURES  IN DELIVERY:   DoorDash now provides delivery service from 30 or so restaurants in the Eureka area.  I’ve held off on trying them because I can’t figure out what they actually charge for delivery or whether they’re taking it out of the employees’ share.  When I figure it out, I’ll let you know,  or maybe YOU can let ME know. I’ve heard a couple of different stories.   One thing is clear:  Esme’s in Henderson Center (formerly Esmeralda’s) is delivering their own food from 6pm nighty and is very efficient.   No delivery charge, but it’s worth a fiver.  Their carnitas burrito lasted me for three meals.

Remember “Mexico will pay for the wall”?   Just checking.  

DORIS DAY:  who was more renowned in her later years an an animal-rights activist than as an actress,   died last week at 97 at her Carmel Valley home. A life well-lived, certainly. When I was going to Eureka High, my friends and I would crowd into the State Theater to see her in sappy comedies with Rock Hudson. Tony Randall was always in there,  too.  She was already in her ‘forties by then and was definitely still cute but it wasn’t until the other day when I watched  Love Me Or Leave Me (1955) with James Cagney that I really understood how absolutely GORGEOUS she was when she was  younger.  Incredible! 


Enjoy your long weekend!


Here’s an early heads-up for next week. Fried chicken!

“Reserve  Wednesday, May 29, to attend the Humboldt Bay Harbor Working Group monthly luncheon. The presentation will be on the Aquafarming project proposed by Nordic Aquafarms for the Samoa Peninsula. The proposed project is a land-based fish farm utilizing sustainable fish farming practices to deliver seafood to West Coast regional markets. The company has demonstrated commitment to low environmental impact and sustainability in every facet of the business, from setting new standards for discharge, to energy efficiency and solar power, to refusing to use GMO fish and feed.  Lynette Mullen, Nordic Aquafarms’ local Community Liaison, will give an overview of the project and answer questions you might have.

The luncheon is a “no host” event, held at the Samoa Cookhouse. Lunch starts being served at noon; and the presentation starts around 12:30.

Feel free to invite others who may be interested in hearing about this project.

Larry Henderson, Chair



THE GREAT NEGOTIATOR WIMPS OUT AGAIN!  Poor wittle Donnie apparently isn’t smart enough to multitask, so he wants to hold the whole government hostage until the Dems have completed ALL their investigations. Does he think no one will notice that he hasn’t accomplished anything anyway?  You can’t make this stuff up.  Read about it in the Post, HERE.

Have you noticed that  restaurant reviews have lots of info about food, but very little about  equally important aspects of your restaurant experience, like for instance, how easy is it to access? Do you know that 10% of our population has a disability??  The Washington Post reports that things are changing, if slowly.   Read the story  HERE.

ALSO from the Post:  “A strange thing about life in 2019 is that the president of the United States will wake up, watch television and then go online and accuse a bunch of people of treason,” WaPo’s Mark Berman tweeted Friday.  This is the kind of world we live in now,  in which the Attorney General acts as the President’s personal lawyer. They should  BOTH be impeached!

And here’s what Mayor Pete had to say about Trump and his methods, on FOX TV no less:”‘It’s a very effective way to command the attention of the media,’ Buttigieg said. ‘I think that we need to make sure that we’re changing the channel from this show that he’s created. … And I get it, look — it’s mesmerizing and hard for anyone to look away. Me too. It is the nature of grotesque things that you can’t look away.’   I like that last part.

And here’s what POLITICO  has to say:  “THINK ABOUT THIS … IN THE LAST TWO WEEKS, JARED KUSHNER has launched two initiatives: his big-time immigration plan, and an economic plan for the Middle East, aimed at empowering the Palestinians.

“WHAT’S THE COMMON THREAD HERE? In both cases, a debate about the merits was drowned out by an apparent lack of preparation — and coalition-building — by Jared’s crew in the White House. “

REMEMBER KRIS KOBACH???   The one who was tasked with enumerating the 3 million illegal votes supposedly cast in the 2016 election.?  He’s been dickering with the Trump administration for a job.  His demand list (worth reading) is  HERE

Finally, remember when your Fake President said he wouldn’t be playing a lot of golf? Just another lie. Read about it HERE.


Robert Mueller, everyone’s first choice for dinner guest, dined with his wife at Martin’s Tavern last Monday. Looks like a nice place, but no prices on the menu.  I hate when they do that.  Check it out HERE

Steve Mnuchin on the other hand is still hanging  at Café Milano. And Rudy Giuliani likes the Old Ebbit Grill,  only a block from the White House, so that’s convenient. 

Still on FACEBOOK? WHY? Read this from the Guardian:

People create fake accounts on FB for all sorts of reasons, some more malicious than others. But check this out — just to see the “scale of the challenge facing Facebook” — per The Guardian, “Richard Allan, the company’s VP for public policy, said the company took down 2.8 billion fake accounts between October 2017 and November 2018.” And that doesn’t count the real users “that are sharing fake news, intentionally spreading disinformation or promoting hate speech…”  

SHORT EDITION this week, because I am not in good shape.. I had to put down my 22-year old pit bull after having her for seventeen years. I keep looking around for her. Goodbye, LouLou. You were the best.