Can you run too many fact checks on our Fake President? The rundown from the AP is HERE.

And if you want to see today’s reason why Facebook should be put out of business, try THIS.

OR This, from POLITICO: TWEET OF THE DAY: Rep. Ted Lieu @tedlieu responding to Robert Mueller’s press conference: “Why did Robert Mueller decide to speak today after two years of silence? 1. Because @realDonaldTrump & his lapdog Bill Barr of @TheJusticeDept are lying about what’s actually in the Mueller Report. 2. He left it to Congress to take action. And we will. No one is above the law.”

WHAT about cutting off a problem at its source?? What a concept!! POLITICO has the story HERE.

HERE WE GO- the week in cartoons, right HERE.

ADVENTURES IN DELIVERY: Have you tried Door Dash yet?? This may be my path to achieving my ideal existence- living in a tower like Rapunzel and lowering a basket for food deliveries. I held off trying them because I couldn’t figure out their charges. Now, all is clear. You sign up online and before you make the final click they show you what you’re paying. They deliver from about 30 restaurants locally and I’m sure there will be more. Their website is a little hinky- I couldn’t adjust the delivery time even though I hadn’t pressed the “order” button yet, so be flexible. I ordered the brisket ‘Meat Box” from Humboldt Smokehouse and it arrived hot in less than 30 minutes, delivered by an amiable gentleman who indicated he was pretty happy with his job. The “Meat Box ‘ comes with two sides and the portions were definitely more scanty than if you order at the restaurant but the food is superb. I think Door Dash and I are going to have a beautiful friendship. What I paid: $17.96 for the meal, $1.53 tax, $2.69 “service fee”, “Dasher Tip” $4.00 total $26.18. More than I usually pay for a meal or is it?? By the time you factor in the gas, use of car etc it’s not that much more. Try them! Definitely good for the businsses.

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