Happy Summer! What kind of student was Our Fake President at Wharton? Can he even SPELL Wharton? Take a look HERE.

And, did you hear about this? This could have been a major catastrophe. Read about it HERE.

And David Ignatius sounds a note of caution to those of us who find hope in Trump’s latest screwups. Read him HERE. Or read about Trump’s White House summit for trolls for a glimpse of what the 2020 campaign is going to involve. Read it HERE.

HERE THEY ARE: The week in cartoons, right HERE.

Miscellany: Saw an Andrew Yang bumper sticker at the Murphy’s in Cutten. Didn’t have time to wait and see who it belonged to. Did you see the press conference with Trump, Barr and the senile Wilbur Ross, of Carl’s Jr fame.? Yes, they did look exactly like the Three Stooges, but older. If you’re having lunch in SF, at John’s Grill, the seat to ask for is Booth #21.

WHY DOES TRUMP SCREAM SO MUCH??? Because he loves the sound of his own voice, obviously, and by having his press availabilities in front of a helicopter or other sound generator, he can cheery pick the questions, pretending not to hear anything he doesn’t want to answer. And he gets to screech at the top of this lungs.

While everyone in Eureka seems to be excited about the advent of In-n-Out burger, which is no reason for celebration as far as I’m concerned, I pray constantly for word of a Chic-Fil-A coming to town, but NO, no way. So I recruited a friend who was driving up from SF to stop off on Mendocino Ave in Santa Rosa and bring me a care package. He brought six sandwiches and I discovered they freeze really well!! Life-changing!! The only thing is, when reheating them in the microwave, beware of the pickle , which gets really HOT in the process. Next time I’ll have him bring me twenty.

Happy Bastille Day, everyone. Can we vote to change Presidents with the French? Just asking.

4 thoughts on “SHORT RIBS AND RANDOM THOUGHTS, July 14, 2019

        • Not bad! I have never properly celebrated Bastille Day. In Honolulu I lived downstairs from a couple of guys who threatened to put together a BD party with French fries, French bread, French toast, French dressing etc Glad they didn’t actually do it.

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