Well, you KNEW he was a racist, didn’t you? The proof is HERE.

And he’s ‘s back ed up by the trusty Kelianne who’s demanding to know the ethnicity of a reporter. It’s spreading like a cancer. Read about it HERE.

How the other half lives Dept from POLITICO: “OVERHEARD — Stylists at Aveda 14 hair salon on 14th Street NW complaining Tuesday afternoon about having to shut down the salon Thursday morning for a couple of hours so that IVANKA TRUMP can come in to get her hair colored.”

FROM POLITICO- Monday’s tweet of the Day; TWEET OF THE DAY: Rep Ted Lieu, responding to @POTUS’ tweet telling Democratic Congresswomen to “go back” to where they came from: “Hey @realDonaldTrump: What makes America exceptional is we are a nation of immigrants. As an immigrant who served on active duty, I am appalled you are telling us to ‘go back.’ I’m not going back. America is our home. And I will still be in Congress after your racist ass leaves.” I knew I liked that Ted! AND if you thought POTUS might back down a bit, no, that’s not in his playbook. He steps in it further right HERE.

And if you’re among the many of us who have slave-owning ancestors, join the crowd. Beto O’Roarke is the latest to have his Ancestry account scrutinized. My great-great-great grandfathers’s family apparently owned two slaves in South Carolina in 1840. His family was large – ten kids. I’m sure they were all dirt-poor. His farm was where Manning High School is now and that is all I know or care to know.

So much to be disgusted by, so little time. Keep your powder dry for 2020.

But here’s some good news- Megan Rapinoe, the heroine of the Women’s World Cup and soccer in general, is from REDDING. That’s almost local! She graduated from Foothill High and studied at the Univ of Portland. ‘Way to go , Megan!

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