The world is truly going nuts??   From Brian Stelter at  CNN:” Food for thought: Imagine if Obama had literally proclaimed himself “the chosen one” on the South Lawn. How would Fox be covering? What would Sean Hannity’s 9pm monologue look like? I’m still trying to get my head around all that…”   A lot of folks have been trying to. The consensus is that Trump is ‘way ‘way over his head and has fired everyone who could keep him from following his impulses.  The next year and a half is gong to be rocky.

So in one week, Our Fake President  tanks the stock market  600 points by threatening OUR companies to stop trading with China (like that’s going  to happen),  insults our NATO ally who points out that his oafish wish to buy Greenland is not supported by the residents there,  and berates the Chair of the  Fed,  HIS appointee,  for not cutting  interest rates as quickly and as far as His Highness would wish.

AND if you want to see where Kristen Gillibrand eats dinner,  head to the Rose’s Luxury, an oddly named establishment with a limited menu.  Do your drooling  right HERE.

A tweet from Former Gov. @JerryBrown: “Rolling back the Endangered Species Act is profoundly unwise. Mr. President, we humans are part of the web of life and dependent on other species for our well-being. You’ve done dumb things, and now you’re doing something utterly dangerous — unforgivable!”

MORE from POLITICO:   I like this piece about Biden.

MARC CAPUTO: “Why fears about Biden’s age are overblown”: “Joe Biden was lying on the operating table and about to get surgery for his second brain aneurysm when the doctor told him he might not recover.

“‘What’s the most likely thing that will happen if I live?’ Biden asked him. ‘Well, ‘the doctor replied, ‘the side of the brain that the first aneurysm is on controls your ability to speak.’ That’s when the gaffe-prone Biden thought to himself: ‘Why in the hell didn’t they tell me this before the ’88 campaign?’ It could’ve saved us all a lot of trouble, you know what I mean?’ …

“But concerns about Biden’s age and mental fitness are likely overblown, according to experts on aging and the brain, as well as actuarial tables used by the insurance industry to estimate the health and longevity of customers. …

“Biden’s former brain surgeon, Kassell, went a step further: ‘I am going to vote for the candidate who I am absolutely certain has a brain that is functioning. And that narrows it down exactly to one.'” POLITICO

Enjoy what’s left of the summer! Winter is coming.

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