The AGONY OF THE TIMES-STANDARD:  It’s hard to watch a newspaper die,  especially  one you learned to read on.  My grandmother used to bring me breakfast in bed with the morning Times.   And for full disclosure, I have served on their advisory board.  Now,  I feel guilty if I call them up to complain about the carrier not throwing the paper close enough for me to retrieve it (driveway yes,  out in the street, no).   I will happily continue my subscription and urge you to do the same.  A town without a paper is a second-rate town, and no, LOCO is not the same.

OUR THUG PRESIDENT-  we knew he was a thug when we elected him (or some of you did). Now it appears that his BIG MOUTH is going to be his undoing.  NO, it is NOT okay to withhold the military aid approved for Ukraine (which is fighting off the Russians in their Eastern half) unless the Ukrainians help him find dirt on the Biden family.  NOT OKAY!  By the way,  HERE IS THE WHISTLE BLOWER’S COMPLAINT RIGHT HERE.  Can impeachment be avoided now?  Hope not!

WHAT ARE THEY EATING?, NEW YORK CITY EDITION :  With the great and the near–great gathered in NYC for the UN opening, here’s a place deemed worthy  by the new  NSA advisor  Robert O’Brien, Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell,  and Ambassador to the UN Kelly Craft where they had dinner together Monday night.  Check it out HERE.

I know RE prices are grotesquely high in the Bay Area but now they’re paying $3M for an EICHLER? Check this out HERE.

THE ECONOMY IN HUMBOLDT is going to be stressed in brand-new ways by the fact of 1000 fewer students at HSU this year than last. Do you realize the impact this has on the housing market? I sometimes rent out my extra bedroom/bath to students but no one is answering Craig’s List ads right now compared with the response I got a year ago. 1000 fewer people in Arcata eating, drinking, spending money!! Am I the only one who’s upset? Are they still going ahead with that awful project “The Village? “. Overbuliding maybe? Meanwhile, HERE is the August report from Dr Eschker’s hardworking crew up at HSU.

We will see you next week with helpful hints for Hallowe’en costumes. No more Trump masks!


From the Humboldt Bay Harbor Working Group :

Local Jurisdiction for Coastal Permits?

Eureka–The Humboldt Bay Harbor Working Group’s monthly luncheon for September will be held Wednesday, September 25. The presentation at this month’s luncheon will be about getting local jurisdiction over Coastal permits for port-related projects.

California is home to 11 major ports:

  • Inland ports (the Ports of Stockton and West Sacramento)
  • San Francisco Bay ports (the Ports of Oakland, Redwood City, Richmond, and San Francisco)
  • South Coast ports (the Ports of Long Beach, Los Angeles, Hueneme, and San Diego)
  • North Coast port (Port of Humboldt Bay)

All but one—the Port of Humboldt Bay—are busy, working harbors. They not only provide jobs, good wages, and tax revenues; but are also recreation destinations.  They have mitigated safety and environmental issues and have created new green technologies to maximize utilization of their facilities and resources.

Why is the Port of Humboldt Bay not one of them?

One contributing factor may be that the Port of Humboldt Bay is the only California port subject to State Coastal Permit jurisdiction. The Inland ports are outside the State’s Coastal Zone, and not subject to State Coastal Permit jurisdiction.  The San Francisco Bay ports are explicitly excluded from the Coastal Act, and too are not subject to State Coastal Permit jurisdiction.  The South Coast ports are included in the Coastal Zone; but they have acquired Coastal Permit jurisdiction by securing certified port master plans as authorized under the Coastal Act.

But the Coastal Act did not provide the Port of Humboldt Bay the same opportunity as the South Coast ports to acquire Coastal Permit jurisdiction. The State Coastal Commission and other State agencies treat the Port of Humboldt Bay less favorably… differently than any other of the State’s ports.

The Humboldt Bay Harbor Working Group believes this needs to change.  There is no reason for greater restriction of our port over the others. Having local jurisdiction over Coastal permits for port-related projects would be a major step toward restoring Humboldt Bay’s Harbor into a working port.
There is a way our local legislators can work proactively to correct this inequality. This is the topic for the luncheon…a strategy for getting local jurisdiction over Coastal permits for port-related projects.

The Harbor Working Group’s luncheons are held on the last Wednesday of each month. Their programs focus on the development of the Port of Humboldt Bay as an international seaport. Last year, the presentations were directed to envisioning the Harbor as an international seaport. This year, the programs are dedicated to learning what can be done—and what is being done—to make it happen.

The luncheon is a “no host” event. Lunch starts being served at noon; and the presentation starts around 12:30.

House choice will be served for lunch at $16 and 

soup and salad is available for $12.  Please RSVP at 707-441-1974 or


Cory Lewandowski nurtured himself after his contentious testimony Tuesday at the swank confines of Ocean Prime.  The smoked gouda tater tots for $12  sound interesting. Check out the menu HERE.

And that same  lunchtime, Rod Rosenstein  enjoyed the lunch at Del Frisco’s, check their menu out HERE.

“He thinks of himself as kind of a potentate, and if the auto companies don’t follow the whim of the potentate, they can be tortured by the forces of justice. So that’s an abuse of power in addition to being a bad idea.” The inimitable former Gov. Jerry Brown on Trump.

Are any of you struggling with a Google Assistant? I got a smartphone recently (reluctantly) and since I activated it I get messages on my COMPUTER from the Assistant. I don’t WANT an assistant! Life is too complicated already! I assume that if I ignore it for long enough, it will go away. But it’s really creepy and I don’t like it.

I was saddened to hear of the death of Sandor Vanocur, a renowned correspondent for the networks back in the day. My tenth-grade civics teacher, Mr Shelby Hager, was a friend of his, so therefore everyone in my class was two degrees removed from a famous correspondent. I don’t know what happened to Mr Hager but he was a great teacher. I remember he was from Texas.

OUR VILE PRESIDENT- Every time I think he can’t go any lower he surpasses himself. Now he’s caught pressuring the President of ANOTHER COUNTRY to dig up dirt on Joe Biden! We are being embarrassed before the whole world. And that poor whistle blower! Will Trump try to fire him/her two days before retirement like he did to Andrew McCabe? He is both vengeful and shameless.

AGAINST OWLS: With Hallowe’en coming up, I feel like venting about the only animal species that I object to. (Well, there may be a few others.) Owls are creepy scavengers who hide from the daylight. I have actually never seen one in the wild. I know they have some in Sequoia Park and also along the Old Arcata Road. Once I was walking with my sister along the shore in Bolinas when she spotted one. She could see it, I couldn’t. I knew a guy who thought owls were cute. He had a whole bookcase full of owl candles and statues. He died young. I’m just sayin’.


TWEET OF THE DAY from Brian Stelter, at CNN: “Texas Monthly announced five new hires, leading with its first-ever taco editor, José R. Rala. He’ll be focused on taco reviews, taco profiles, taco trends and taco traditions for the site and in print. A spokesperson tells me this is Texas Monthly’s tenth full-time new hire in the past six months…”   A taco editor!  Now, that’s civilization!  The TM, by the way, is a very esteemed publication.

AND this..

FOR THE RECORD BOOKS, via NYT’s Peter Baker: “No other president has had four national security advisers in his first three years in office.” NYT

And where does Bob Costa of Washington Week and everywhere else host his important lunches?  At this place, Le Diplomat.  Check them out HERE.

We are running behind and will have to make it up to you later. Enjoy the last of summer!