I know, all you need is inspiration and encouragement. Now you’ve got it. If you win any prizes, send us a pic!   In no particular order:

1)  ZZ TOP    For this you need two tall skinny  people and one short one.  The short one gets a fright wig,  the others  get overalls,  porkpie hats, dark glasses and mops tied under their chins.  You’ll be the original Sharp Dressed Man!  Or men.

2)  MR. PEANUT-  This is a little tougher.  You need ONE tall skinny person who’s willing to wear a body sack made of leopard-print fabric,  tights and a leotard to make white arms and legs, spats, gloves,   a top hat and the plastic eyes you can get at the drug store, or maybe big glasses.  You’ll figure it out! Refer to the blue Planters’ can for details.  This is a winner.

3. ZOLTAR!!!  Zoltar is having a moment, due to those Progressive insurance commercials.   There used to be a Zoltar outside Eureka Books, or maybe  it was really outside Gepetto’s.  I’m too lazy to drive down there to see it it’s still in residence.  For Zoltar,  you need a plastic cube big enough to fit over your shoulders,   plastic lettering to spell “Zoltar”  in a semicircle,  a bag for the quarters you’ll take in-  let your imagination take over.  I  Googled and found that Zoltar is copyrighted, so if you get any monetary prizes for your  Zoltar homage, find out who owns the copyright  and mail them a nickel. 

See,  all your  Hallowe’en problems solved right here.!!  Send us those pix!

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