TRUMP’S LIES: NO, Nancy Pelosi doesn’t “Hate the United States of America”.  NO, it is NOT okay for the US to betray allies who have fought beside our troops. NO, the snarling, lying ingrate who currently occupies the Oval Office will not survive the 2020 election and possibly will not last until then.  NO I cannot keep up with the dally barrage of hatred and ignorance emanating from this vile creature.  No one can. All that is clear at this point is that Trump -not knowing  how to win a FAIR  election with no accomplishments-  is so desperate to dig up dirt on his opponents, he will break the law and embarrass his country to do so. He is patently unfit for office.  But you knew that.

TALES OF THE BLACKOUT:   Well, as far as the  3900 block of T Street is concerned ,  that “early warning ” system was a bust.  I signed up ages ago, but got NO phone call until after the blackout had already started.  As soon as the power came back on,  I signed up with an outfit called Sierra Power(?) for a solar evaluation, then they irritated me so much with their repeated calls that I lost all interest in using them.  I have an appointment with Six Rivers this week and I’m really interested to hear what they have to say.

THE BENBOW STILL RULES:  I was apprehensive going into our family reunion last weekend  in view of the horrid news about US Bank and their attempt to put the Benbow out of business.   I am happy to report that for the guest,  you will not notice anything amiss. The only bad news is that they have an obnoxious new policy regarding dogs, which cannot be left unattended in your room anymore. They are now banished to the small  patio. Humph!! We opted to board Bella with the  neighbors and everyone was happier. The food is as wonderful as ever and they had a few new dishes including  a kind of popover thing involving blue cheese  that I noticed the first night but they were out of it  the second. I discovered that my favorite breakfast,  the  lox Benedict,  is too much for one person but is perfect for sharing.  Please continue to divest  yourselves of any involvement with US Bank and watch for further developments.   And don’t forget that a ride down to Benbow for lunch is a great treat for the dark winter months.  Support our historic Inn!

THE CITY MANAGER: The field of applicants has been whittled down to five at this writing,  only one of which,  Miles Slattery, is currently a City employee.  I have only had very limited dealings with him ( he got me a composting bin when the City was handing then out)   but I hope he’s chosen.  I don’t see any wisdom in spending a lot of time to orient outsiders to the Humboldt Way.  And I’m not real sympathetic to the complaint that there were not enough female APPLICANTS.  Give me a break!!  Maybe the women were too SMART to apply for this job with an unstable City government and a County government  whose  chief legal officer is suing it. Good luck, Miles.  You’re gonna need it.

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