The NRCC had its Christmas party at Joe’s Stone Crabs on Tuesday night. Again my invitation must be lost in the mail. Check out Joe’s HERE. .

Speaker Nancy  Pelosi attended or hosted FIVE different functions on Tuesday including a reception for journalists at which big red boxes of See’s Candy (made in the Speaker’s SF district) were handed out.

(From POLITICO) SPOTTED: VP Mike Pence eating dinner at Martin’s Tavern on Saturday night. Pic Don’t know who the man in costume is but Martin’s is HERE.

THE LOCAL ANGLE: Matt Owen, in his column this morning, said “Local bloggers Eric Kirk and Julie Timmons are always commenting that you have to run a candidate against an incumbent. So why is no one running against Mike Wilson?” It’s always nice to receive a mention, but I have never said any such thing. What I HAVE said OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN is that TWO TERMS ARE ENOUGH. Maybe the reason no one’s running against Wilson is that he’s doing a good job?

This week was a tough one for following politics. I checked out about noon on Thursday. If I had to watch one more minute of screeching by the likes of Louie Gohmert or Jim Jordan I would have had a relapse of the flu. Yes, the impeachment process is largely meaningless but someone has to do it. Someone has to stand up for normalcy and decency. It’s as simple as that. Just live through it and keep your powder dry. for 2020.

The most interesting stats I read all week are these: 14% of the adult population in this country is functionally illiterate and 2 out of 3 cannot name the three branches of government. With that kind of electorate, it’s no wonder the Prince of Ignorance may well prevail. God help us.

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