Merry Christmas week and wishing all the best to you and yours. Christmas should be every three months or so, don’t you agree? Don’t all answer at once.

Thought of the week, from the WAPO:, regarding Trump and Putin: “One former senior White House official said Trump even stated so explicitly at one point, saying he knew Ukraine was the real culprit because ‘Putin told me.'” WaPo:

AFTER THE DEBATE Thursday the Democrats gathered at GJELINA in Venice. Ugly link but it works. I used to live a few blocks from there, before it was trendy.

ADS I HATE AND ADS I LOVE- I’m taking time off from Christmas to vent about the huge number of commercials I watch on TV DESPITE my being a master/mistress of the TIVO. Here goes: What I hate most are those ads for Kraft Cheese where the little brat doesn’t want to eat the nice salmon his mom fixed. So, to the strains of creepy Enya music, the whole family munches on CHEESE. Cheese is fine but salmon is a lot better for you and it’s important not to let the little brats have the upper hand. This is propaganda aimed at weak-minded parents. I’m also getting real tired of the guy on the Trivago ads. Give him a rest! I hate the ads for King’s Hawaiian Bread where people are snatching the last roll as if anyone in their right mind would eat that stuff. When I lived a few blocks from their bakery in Kaimuki at least the whole neighborhood smelled good but the bread we got there was not the preservative-packed junk they sell over here. Also, I’m getting tired of aging athletes pitching Medicare plans. Mike Ditka? Is he the one who has the steak house in Chicago? Can’t he afford dentures that stay in place? George Forman is another one. He must have more money than God, but he pitches that damn home-repair policy ad nauseam. But here are some ADS I LOVE: I love the Zoltar ads . They are brilliant, ’nuff said. I love the ads where the turkey is quitting smoking. I am more determined than ever to have a turkey in my yard, especially now that I know they have opposable thumbs. I love the ad with the actor who blows his lines so many times the director yells “CUT! We’ll dub it !” Finally, I love the ads featuring Phil Swift and the Flexsteel Family of Products. I want to buy all of them, whether I have any use for them or not.

So, heading into the Dark Days of Christmas, I wish the very best for all of you. Except for Our Thug President. Stay warm and dry.

2 thoughts on “SHORT RIBS AND RANDOM THOUGHTS Dec 22 2019

  1. You should do what the bumpersticker suggests and “Kill Your Television”:, which is essentially an advertiser delivery device. At the very least read Jerry Mander’s 1977 book “Four Arguments For the Elimination of Television” and Marie Winn’s “The Plug-In Drug” as both make convincing arguments. (One benefit is never hearing a political ad since candidates seem to only use television for getting votes.)

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