Christmas coming too soon and , Washington in chaos and half the town shutting down. The WAPO reports it HERE.

SORRY for the spacing-technical problems

AND here’s CNN’s count of the LIIES., right HERE.

AND HERE’s what Our Fake President’s peers think of him, right HERE

FROM THE GRIDIRON DINNER (my invitation was apparently lost in the mail):

A FEW FUNNIES from the GRIDIRON WINTER DINNER: RAHM EMANUEL : “Here we are, on December 7, the day the president reminds us that Ukraine bombed Pearl Harbor … Some more about me: I’m Jewish, so like Elizabeth Warren, I’m a member of the tribe. … To me, Chicago is a lot like the White House. They both have a large and vibrant Russian community … I see cameras are banned from this event, which explains why AOC is not here … “HILLARY CLINTON is now saying many, many, many people are now asking her to run. So now let’s cut to the chase: are any of those people from Wisconsin, Michigan or Pennsylvania? In fact, are any of them Democrats? … Joe [Biden] says he cannot remember when he’s had more fun on the campaign trail. Literally: he cannot remember …

STILL fighting the flu or whatever this is. More soon.

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