NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS-   Do you still make them?  My resolution this year is to not make any more resolutions  except for the following; 

  1.  Never try to return a package misdelivered by On-Trac. (long story)
  2. Try to support local businesses more.  I’m tired of seeing all the closures. 
  3. Get back on the list for Publisher’s Clearing House, which has not allowed me to enter their sweepstakes for several months now. 

Re: 2 above, the latest  local biz to hit the dust is Marcelli’s although the closure   apparently only pertains to the tiny restaurant.  I’m ashamed to say I never ate there! But I have been a steady customer, at Murphy’s,  of their frozen ravioli,  which makes a dandy quick meal,  or the meat ones do anyway.  (I find the spinach ones watery and tasteless)and I haven tried the cheese ones.  Their standout is their SAUCE,  which comes in little  square boxes with a toylike metal handle.  The SAUCE is outstanding and I’m glad it’s not going away.  

@AndrewYang: “Hearing I’m a lot of people’s 2nd choice. This is actually a huge step toward becoming a lot of people’s 1st choice.”

And here’s the New York Time’s take, on the Soiemani  attack, right HERE.  

Sodden Thought:  There are a million places on the planet to be on New Year’s Eve. Where you will never find me is at Times Square at midnight , waiting for that damn ball to drop.  NEVER! NEVER!

That having been said, I HAVE been to Times Square.  That was only four or five years ago, not in time to see the Bad Old Days when it was much more interesting. We stopped outside a Guy Fieri restaurant and didn’t go in.  I admire Guy for his charity,  and I use a couple of his recipes regularly ( have you tried his Pea Salad ?  Recipe on request.) but I have yet to try one of his restaurants. 

Heavy week ahead. Only a little over ten months to the election.


4 thoughts on “SHORT RIBS AND RANDOM THOUGHTS, Jan 5, 2020

  1. Pete Wells of the NY Times reviewed his Times Square restaurant in 2012 and was definitely not impressed. His review is still on the internet and is legendary. (Not sure of the web site; just do a search and you will find the NY Times review.)

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