“SCUMP”:  I have been given to calling DJT Our Fake President, but I think a better nickname is needed.  I propose “SCUMP” .  He has revealed himself to be the most vile individual to occupy the Oval Office in our history and his behavior is worsening every day. His enablers  have created a monster who is actually threatening our way of life.  SCUMP has proclaimed himself to be “the chief law enforcement officer”  of the country.  He’s not. Every one of the criminals he’s pardoning are SCUMBAGS just like he is.   Dear God, only 8 1/2 months of this to go. 

 From CNN via Jake Tapper: “After weeks of House and Senate Republicans claiming, during the impeachment trial, that President Trump cares gravely about battling corruption, Trump this afternoon officially forgave crimes committed by powerful men who abused their office for personal gains, a continuation of the president’s post-acquittal campaign of punishing his enemies and rewarding his friends.” Media outlets that ignored this context missed the entire story…

And in the Nobody -Better -Tell-Me-No Bad News Dept,  Trump apparentty wants to go the rest of his term without  hearing unwelcome news.  Good luck with that one. The WAPO reports HERE.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Richard Grenell is basically an internet troll. He’s a loyalist to the President, and he is not qualified to hold this position even for a single day.” — Rep. David Cicilline of Rhode Island joins a chorus of criticism of Trump’s new choice for intelligence chief, Richard Grenell, who lives in LA and Palm Springs. Past stories, including in the Washington Blade, have detailed concern over Grenell’s “mean tweets” and “derogatory” comments on women which have delayed past confirmation hearings.  Ironically,  Grenell is one of the rare gay people appointed by SCUMP.  

From the WAPO: Mayor Pete on Rush Limbaugh’s comments: “Well, I love my husband. I’m faithful to my husband. On stage, we usually just go for a hug, but I love him very much. And I’m not going to take lectures on family values from the likes of Rush Limbaugh.”

LET”S FORGET POLITICS FOR AWHILE-  HAVE YOU BEEN TO THE  SEQUOIA PARK ZOO LATELY?  One of the perks of a $30 Zoo membership is that they mail you a nifty Annual Report. Did you  know that almost 100,000 visitors enjoyed the Zoo last year?  That the Zoo houses 163 animals of 60 species,  six of which are endangered?  Did you know that their recent additions include a Bush Dog from France, two Pygora goats, a spotted whistling duck, a Virginia opossum and a Western Screech Owl named Chilito.  You may have heard that the Zoo has joined the with  the  City of  Eureka, the Humboldt  Lodging Alliance,  the Eureka Lodging Alliance  and the Arcata Lodging Alliance to support funding for  new projects such as the eagerly awaited Redwood Canopy Walk,   which will enable you to walk in the treetops.   Come check out the Zoo!  $8 gets you in for a day,  but the way to go is really the  $30 annual membership and there are family memberships also.  See you at the Zoo!


From the Humboldt Bay Harbor Working Group:

Re-establishing Humboldt Bay as a Port of Regional and National Significance

Eureka–The Humboldt Bay Harbor Working Group’s monthly luncheon for January will be held Wednesday, February 26th.

This month’s guest speaker will be Larry Oetker, Executive Director of the Humboldt Bay, Harbor, Recreation, and Conservation District.  The Harbor District is working with its other governmental partners [Humboldt County, City of Eureka, Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District (HBMWD), and Samoa Peninsula Community Services District (SPCSD)] to re-establish the Samoa Peninsula as a regional economic hub.  As part of these efforts the District has identified critical industries, infrastructure, and properties which should be acquired, maintained, upgraded, and developed so that we can be prepared to attract and maintain modern, clean, green and sustainable coastal dependent industries.

Some, but not all, of the critical infrastructure include the industrial water line, proposed sewer mainline from Fairhaven to Town of Samoa wastewater treatment plant, Vance Avenue road right of way, 1 ½ ocean outfall, water storage tanks, docks, fire suppression pumps, tanks and lines, access easements, power substations and transmission facilities, dredge material dewatering basins and pumping lines between the bay and proposed USACOE nearshore disposal site.

The Working Group’s monthly lunch program has been focused on the development of the Port of Humboldt Bay as an international seaport. During 2018, the presentations were directed to envisioning the Harbor as an international seaport. Last year in 2019, the presentations were dedicated to learning what can be done to make it happen.  This year the presentations will be dedicated to advance making it happen.

Chicken Fried Steak is on the menu this month! The Group’s luncheons are held on the last Wednesday of each month.  The luncheon is a “no host” event at $16, and soup and salad is available for $12.  Lunch starts being served at noon; and the presentation starts around 12:30.


Well, this is a fine mess, Ollie.  Our Fake President has decided that it’s OK for him to harass and  terminate law-abiding Federal employees because they obeyed a LEGAL SUBPOENA. Eight and a half months of this BS ahead. 

Did you have a good Valentine’s Day? We went to the good old Ichiban in Eureka (can you remember what was in that building before it was the Ichiban?  I’m drawing a blank. ) They sat us at the very front table,  right in front of the reception desk, and their VERY loud and VERY shrill phone rang constantly with no one seeming to answer it.  It would ring four times,  then pause, then start ringing again.  Next time we’ll ask for a seat in back.  But the food was great, including a new kind of sushi I hadn’t had before, the Lemon Dragon.  I already want another. 

From FOX News:  CHRIS WALLACE asked SANDERS  on“FOX NEWS SUNDAY” about his socialist label: SANDERS: “In many respects we have a socialist society today, we have a huge budget, puts money into all areas. Now Donald Trump, before he was President, as a private business person, he received eight hundred million dollars in tax breaks and subsidies to build luxury housing in New York. Now, what does that mean, when government gives you eight hundred million dollars in tax breaks and subsidies?”

Democratic senator Brian Schatz tweeted: “The DOJ itself appears to have been corrupted by a President who rewards his friends and punishes his enemies. Media should treat this like a potentially explosive abuse of power even if this takes more than ten seconds to explain…” (Twitter)

Bloomberg on Trump-  “AND, PERHAPS, MOST NOTABLY, HE SLAGS TRUMP to no end. He tries to get under his skin, saying his wealth is phony. He calls him “Donald.” According to BLOOMBERG, “Donald Trump is the world’s biggest schoolyard bully, with no respect for civility, decency or the facts.” Trump’s insults “do not bother me,” Bloomberg said, and he talks about sending him back to Mar-a-Lago for good.

Spotted: Chief Justice John Roberts out for lunch with a large group at Tosca on Thursday. The venison looks good. The menu is HERE.

And regarding Barr- – EYE-OPENING QUOTE from Barr’s old boss at DOJ: “‘With Bill Barr, on an amazing number of occasions … you can be almost 100 percent certain that there’s something improper going on,’ said Donald Ayer, the former deputy attorney general in the George H.W. Bush administration.” POLITICO


WHY DOES TRUMP HATE THE MILITARY? He likes to be photographed with “warriors”  but likes to degrade them with stupid nickname even more. Is it jealousy?  Feelings of inadequacy?  Whatever it is,  it governs his response to criticism.  When a decorated military hero testifies that he felt secure in criticizing  the President, and then at the earliest opportunity is threatened and reassigned by President Bone Spurs, well of course it makes us all feel good, doesn’t it?  Read about  it  HERE.    And for good measure, HERE.

And while we’re at it,   here’s how PBS will be ripping you off for the next eleven months.  You’re welcome.  Read it HERE. 

THE YANG GANG-   On the campaign trail,  Andrew Yang was asked about FB, and responded with a blunt message for Mark Zuckerberg: “Your company is contributing to the disintegration of our democracy. If you are an American and a patriot… you need to have Facebook step up, and say there will not be untrue political ads on your platform.” (Twitter)  BTW,  I ran into a fellow with a Yang sticker on his truck at the Murphy’s yesterday and he said  the local Yangers are meeting regularly and have a website.

LIFE IN ARCATA can be hard, as reported by my favorite paper, the Mad River Union. Check out this recent dispatch:

  Jan 29, 2020-  A woman who had no identification couldn’t rent a motel room, so she gave some guy she didn’t know $75 to secure the room for her. The friendly stranger rented the room,  moved in  and then wouldn’t answer the door. ” It is noted that there was apparently NO sexual chemistry between the parties.

The Feb 3 issue of TIME contains an essay by the Prime Minister of Malaysia who is fully functioning and is NINETY-FOUR YEARS OLD. 94!!!! Compared to him, Bernie, Bloomie and Steyer are just kids! 94!

A FAKE ACQUITTAL FOR A FAKE PRESIDENT: and the American people appear to be onto the “hoax” to use one of OFP’s favorite terms. The Democratic-led House put on a creditable showing with WITNESSES but Moscow Mitch shut down the show, reducing the Senate’s presentation to a joke. 270-some days till the election. Meanwhile, Trump is repeating everything he says four or five times, as if he’s trying to convince himself. He and his buddy Rudy Giuliani are examples of septuagenarians who are NOT aging gracefully. Trump, it is said, rambles and repeats himself like the old drunk down at the end of the bar. Rudy, on the other hand, IS the old drunk down at the end of the bar.


Nancy Pelosi: He shredded the truth, so I shredded his speech,’ Pelosi told House Democrats, according to multiple sources in the room. ‘What we heard last night was a disgrace.'” POLITICO

That’s right! You go, girl! This is going to be a long nine months.