ALL THE NEWS FROM FRESNO!  As reported by POLITICO, on Thursday;

SPOTTED: In Fresno all day yesterday, Trump attorney Rudy Guiliani, who hit spots like the Ovidios restaurant — we’re told to raise money for his documentary on “corruption in the Ukraine.” Why Fresno? “Lots of conservative $$,” source tells us.  HERE’s the menu. Looks pretty standrd.

Several reliable sources are reporting that Clint Eastwood has abandoned Trump in favor of Bloomberg.  Stay tuned. 

And our friend SCUMP is busily trying to disable the intelligence community so he can control the flow of information.  Read about it HERE.

Our classy President is in South Carolina as of this writing where he has no legitimate business – he’s trolling the Democratic primary. Such a gem! SCUMP has also re-nominated John Ratcliffe as DNI. He’ll probably fail this time too.

And speaking of no class, that’s exactly what the citizens of the Second District will get for a Supervisor. Now that Cliff B has been exposed as just as much of a mindless doofus as his well-financed opponent I don’t see anything to choose between them. One makes racist jokes in the middle of a big crowd, the other uses the N word in an endorsement interview with the Times-Standard. They both flunk. Guess we’re set for four more years of Rex.

The central question for our democracy is: how much damage will SCUMP do before his exit? And how willing is he to sacrifice American lives to his fantasy of competence in managing the Corona situation? Let’s see. I have two bottles of sanitizer that I brought home from my last operation. Looks like there may be shortages so I’ll have to make them last. Actually, I’m staying HOME.

Those of you who aren’t may enjoy a presentation at the Cookhouse on Wednesday. From the Humboldt Bay Harbor Working group and the THA:

This is a reminder of the Harbor Working Group and the Timber Heritage Association (THA) special luncheon presentation next Wednesday, March 4.

Randy Gustafson (of Stone Consulting) will present the recently completed Bay Rail “Feasibility Study Update and Assessment Report.”   The report addresses program and funding opportunities to enhance rail use on Humboldt Bay.  Topics will include speeder rides and rallies, pedal-powered rail cycles, and excursion trains.  He will be available after for questions.

The presentation will follow a luncheon at the Samoa Cookhouse. The luncheon is a “no host” event and will start being served at noon.  Randy’s presentation will start around 12:15. ” RSVP to CHARLES at 441 1974 .

OK guys, stay healthy. And for something to do indoors, ‘Parasite” is available on Netflix, $5.99 on Suddenlink.

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