IDES OF MARCH edition. Well, SCUMP had his first honest-to-God crisis this week and he wasn’t up to the task. He’s fired everyone in the White House who could have kept him on track, and the second-raters and sycophants who are left don’t know their jobs either. Before he concluded his read-from-the -teleprompter speech, his flunkies had to issue THREE corrections. Keystone cop stuff. The only thing he said with any conviction was “I don’t take any responsibility” for his administration’s screwups. That clip will be seen ad nauseum when the fall campaign begins in earnest. This is probably the end of Trump as a political figure. Will anyone miss him?

Now that no one’s eating out, it may be more difficult to come up with juicy details of dining among the great and near-great, but we’ll keep an eye out. This too shall pass. And here’s an update from the WAPO on the White House’s response to our national crisis. It won’t put you into a good mood. Read it HERE.

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