(from POLITICO): ” MARK RANDALL MEADOWS, the new White House chief of staff, has a knack for hatching plans to solve problems. The catch is, his time in Congress has seen problems at least partially of his own making: government shutdowns he egged on, health care bills he scuttled and leadership brawls that he, at least tacitly, encouraged. YOU MIGHT SAY he has sometimes played both the arsonist and the fire brigade.

“NOW, MEADOWS is entering a job where his problem-solving mettle will be put to the absolute test. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP faces a nasty trio of problems: a virus outbreak spiraling out of control, an economy that’s flagging and, all on top of that, a re-election campaign that’s getting into full swing”.

THE BOTTOM LINE: our President has NO credibility and no moral compass.  And his calling Jay Inslee a “snake” is beneath contempt. And how much class did  he show by saying he wants to keep passengers on a liner so that the higher numbers won’t reflect badly on HIM?.  Always HIM.

Big picture from the NYT:  “He  (Trump) has dealt with the coronavirus, the first external crisis of his administration, by repeating a string of falsehoods rather than delivering reassurance…”     NOTE:  IF you get scary messages about  not being in a secure place.  Just click a couple of times.

HUD Secretary Ben Carson having dinner with White House political director Brian Jack and a handful of senior HUD staffers at the Olive Garden in Falls Church, Va., on Wednesday night. Yes, the Olive Garden! No taste, no class. NO menu because I won’t bother..

Happy Spring! Only eight more months of Trump.

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