From POLITICO: TWEET OF THE DAY: Ted Lieu, House candidate in CA-33, on protests in Sacramento: “I served for nearly a decade in the CA State Legislature. This is not a large crowd. Also, these folks should get tested in a few days because they have put themselves at risk. Oh wait, we still don’t have enough tests because of screwups by @realDonaldTrump Administration.”

ALSO FROM POLITICO: “Let’s state the obvious: Medical and science experts shouldn’t be forced to tiptoe around the president’s bizarre ramblings at briefings! Every minute they spend talking Trump out of a bad idea; every minute they spend in cleanup mode after a briefing; every minute they spend on this nonsense is a waste of precious time.” And even though what he says is garbage the deaf community would still appreciate being able to understand him. Read about it HERE.

And by the way, didja know Our Fake President owes big bucks to the Chinese and the loan’s coming due? Oh yeah. Read about it HERE.

And here’s Fareed Zakaria on Trump’s re-election strategy: “You can watch the two Trumps at his news conferences. President Trump begins the session by making the day’s official pronouncements, reading in a dreary monotone from a script he hasn’t looked at before. And then, from time to time, Donald Trump the populist icon suddenly emerges — commenting on his own script, for example, to say, after recommending the use of masks, “This is voluntary. I don’t think I’m going to be doing it.” The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde routine continues through the briefing. As his own health officials take the podium to make a substantive point, Trump will jump in to say something that is at odds with the message they’re trying to convey.”

2 thoughts on “SHORT RIBS AND RANDOM THOUGHTS, April 26, 2020

  1. I miss the old days when all the news was about wildfires, impeachment, candidate debates, and power shutoffs. And Redwood Coast Business restaurant reviews and Amtrak trips.

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