We haven’t suffered too much from the lockdown, just minor inconveniences from not shopping carefully. I’ve been using wonderful Eureka Grocery Delivery for a year now and having Cloney’s deliver my meds. Also, we’re only three blocks from Murphy’s and a mile from Safeway so if we run out of tofu or something, we can recover. We had a pretty good stock of staples already just from shopping at COSTCO although we’ll need toilet paper in a month or so. I feel for people with large families. Luckily. there are only two of us.

Of course, we’re letting a few things go. We had to stop our housekeeping service because Chris wasn’t comfortable letting anyone in, but they’re promised me they’ll take us back when we’re ready. If you need help, they have a lot of protective devices and I’m sure they’re perfectly safe but sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. Chris was wanting to cancel them anyway but we’ll have that argument when things open up again. He’s felt the effects of staying in much been more than I have. No Open Mike at Old Town Coffee! No Blue Lake Casino! Pretty much the only excursions he makes now are once a week to the Post Office and minor shopping and to walk Bella. Even Bella has had her exercise curtailed since her usual route, around the ball park at the end of Fern Street, is off-limits due to mountain lion sightings. Now he’s just walking her up and down Walnut. I thought of training her to wear a mask (she’s pretty cooperative) but is that cute or ghoulish?

Speaking of masks, you’ve all received LOTS of advice on masks to which I can only add, TRY THEM ON UNTIL YOU FIND ONE THAT FITS. I was trying to wear a cloth one that scratched and when I got ahold of an elastic one it was a revelation.

We didn’t mean to let our lawn go, but Jeff hasn’t shown up this weekend and I’m going to let him rest in peace for a few days. He’s a hardworking guy. We are not binging on Netflix like a lot of folks. The only time we ever watched a film on Netflix we picked very poorly (Crazy Rich Asians really sucked) plus I have maybe 100 films on the TIVO that I haven’t watched. What about reading? These days I pounce on The New Yorker like it’s medicine and all the books I thought I was keeping to read “someday” don’t seem to appeal. I hauled down from the high shelf a Modern Library (remember them?) edition of the novels of Jane Austen and got through one chapter of Sense and Sensibility. Then we started reading Bill Bryson’s Neither Here NorThere , a wonderful and funny book about traveling in Europe. I’ve read it before so this time Chris is reading it to me.

I feel guilty that the Corona crisis hasn’t yet affected us and that I live in Humboldt County, behind the Redwood Curtain. My brother lives in Jacksonville and I called him yesterday to remind him that we have a spare room if we wants to get away from his crazy governor who wouldn’t close the beaches. He was having some roofing done and had to karate-kick a guy who didn’t want to observe social distancing. He made his point.


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