TROUBLE WITH WORDPRESS and our Inadequate President.

Today it doesn’t want to load and without it, no blog. Just now it’s going through.

No one could have predicted that this nation would be going thru an epidemic, an economic crisis and race riots all at once. The one thing we could have predicted is that Donald Trump would not have an adequate response. Donald Trump will go down in history as The Inadequate President. And we knew that when we elected him.

So it comes as no surprise that he s a buffoon when it comes to foreign relations. He doesn’t now how to behave with other heads of State, and so he is a constant embarrassment. At 73, he apparently does not have the ability to learn new skills or facts, which renders him a danger. He has surrounded himself with sycophants who will never disagree with him, because he’s fired everyone else, leaving only second-raters like Stephen Miller and Mike Pompeo to carry on. In the middle of a pandemic, he withdraws our nation from the World Health Organization like a peevish child who picks up his marbles and runs home crying. There is only one world and ONE World Health Organization and we need a seat at that table. He pulled us out of the Paris accords. What he cannot control he withdraws from because he never learned to play nice with the other kids. This overgrown baby is your President.

I used to think I understood politics, but I never understood how much damage one person can do in a democracy. Hopefully, we will never have another Trump to endure, God help us.

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