By now you’ve heard about the “Q” conspiracy nuts who have made definite inroads into the GOP. CNN provides a rundown of the Congressional candidates who have fallen for this crap, or are at least willing to hitch a ride. Read about it HERE. And another take, from the Washington Post, is HERE.

And here’s Daniel Dale’s fact-check on Harris right HERE.

(From CNN) And always, the story shouldn’t be centered around the bogus claim, it should emphasize the context — that he’s lying. For example, at Thursday’s WH briefing, S.V. Date of HuffPost asked him, “Mr. President, after three and a half years, do you regret — at all — all the lying you’ve done to the American people?” Trump, seemingly confused, interjected: “All the what?” Date: “All the lying. All the dishonesty.” Trump: “That who has done?” Date: “You have done.” Trump: “Uhh.” Then he called on another reporter and urged the person to go ahead.

And the WAPO’s take on Trump’s racist approach to Harris is right HERE.

From the WAPO. Read it: So far this year, Trump is averaging 22 false claims a day in the Fact Checker database. He’s on track to make nearly 25,000 false statements by the end of the term. Whether he gets there will depend partly on how many campaign rallies he holds this fall. A 56-page appendix of the book is an anatomical investigation of a single Trump rally from last December in Battle Creek, Mich., during which the president made 120 statements of fact that were either false, mostly false or unsupported by evidence. That was two-thirds of all the claims the president made during a two-hour monologue.

Short Version of Short Ribs today since I’m having computer problems.

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