AND SO IT GOES, Sept 29, 2020

THE DEBATE IS TONIGHT! For perspective, remember that

– 86% of voters say their minds are made up about who they will vote for. Just 14% say they are persuadable.

THAT NYT REPORT on Trump’s taxes as presented by the WAPO, right HERE.

AND the second installment is right HERE.

Is Joe on drugs? Prolly not. Read it HERE.

The Biden campaign is selling “I paid more income taxes than Donald Trump” stickers… (Twitter)


The Rock endorses Biden-Harris

Brian Lowry writes: “Sunday’s announcement about Dwayne Johnson’s ‘first public endorsement for a presidential candidate’ got me thinking: Few celebrities have tended to their images more carefully. It’s noteworthy that he would step into this space, and while there will inevitably be the customary warnings about alienating a portion of his audience, it’s hard to imagine all of those considerations weren’t taken into account (and seen as relatively toothless) before he opted to take a public stance…”

Enjoy yourself tonight!

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