And So It Goes, Oct 15, 2020

AOC just turned s 31. Happy Birthday!

And the fastest-growing town in the Bay Area is- MILPITAS! Yes!

From Ryan Lizza:

Trump is pretending it’s 2016 again,” Ryan Lizza wrote Tuesday night, and he’s “lost the populist message that won him an unlikely victory.”

This doesn’t mean Trump support is boring or irrelevant. I think voters’ choices should constantly be getting more attention. It’s “the Trump show” that seems to be fading. Reporters are picking up on a whiff of desperation at the rallies… As sensed in Trump’s comment in Johnstown on Tuesday night: “Suburban women, will you please like me?” He went on to say .”Please. Please. I saved your damn neighborhood, OK?”

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From the WAPO: . the GOP’s darling for The Supreme Court has job training as a “handmaid”. Read about it HERE.

And the CNN post-debate poll showed Harris winning the debate, 66 to 38 percent. Susan Page won for worst moderator ever.

TRUMP twice called Sen. KAMALA HARRIS (D-Calif.) a “monster” on Fox Biz.

From Brian Stelter: The “appearance” of accessibility

President Trump hasn’t been visible to the WH press corps since he flew from Walter Reed hospital to the White House on Monday. But Trump has “appeared” accessible through a steady stream of crazed tweets, White House photos, propagandistic Twitter videos, and phone calls to Fox News. On Friday night, he appeared on camera for an interview for the first time, with Fox’s Dr. Marc Siegel, during “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Carlson disclosed that the White House, not Fox, controlled the president’s camera, owing to the unique circumstances.

Indeed this has been a most unusual week — but “appearing” accessible has been a technique of Trump’s throughout his four years in office. His calls to Fox sycophants are one of the signatures of his presidency. He knows he’s not going to be challenged in those formats, but he seems available. Trump IS challenged at press conferences and Q&A’s, but he lies his way through those. So again he benefits from the “appearance” of accessibility, fielding questions from the reporters he casts as his enemies, without actually providing access to accurate info. None of this excuses politicians like Joe Biden who are objectively less accessible than Trump, but the context and cynicism of Trump’s media performances is important to note…

Someone just reminded me that Shakespeare wrote King Lear while in quarantine from the plague,. And what have YOU done lately??

The town seems to be agog over the fact that Deo’s Sandwich shop is closing or closed. I tried to eat there once, but failed . When I walked in, the place was empty except for one staff person on the phone. .She noticed me but never gave me a greeting or acknowledgement or “Be with you shortly”. Nothing. She was rapt in a conversation about her checking account and couldn’t find the time to say “Be right with you”. I actually waited ten minutes as an experiment. Then I walked out. Some months later, someone brought me a sandwich from Deo’s. It was okay.

We had company at the house the past few days and discovered you CAN eat well even elegantly- during a pandemic;. We ate in at the AA, which was as wonderful as ever. Yes, we wore our masks. We got takeout from the Golden Harvest (chicken fried steak and my cousin had a burrito what looked good. Their biscuits are great and heat up well two days later, if you don’t finish them. We had lunch at Gill’s and sat outside on a beautiful day, Finally we had lunch at Brick & Fire, where the standouts included the mushroom cobbler, the panzanella chicken salad, plus Chris ordered a pastrami reuben which he love. I don’t thick they know how to make bad food.

HAVE YOU VOTED YET? An overwhelming defeat of Trump won’t necessarily get rid of him but it would go a long way. VOTE NOW!


Since we can’t believe anything the President says, nor what his staff says, I’m not bothering to transmit any of their noise. I’ll be checking back in a week. Trump had no credibility to begin with so it’s hardly surprising that Biden has taken a jump in the polls since their “debate”. Tune in to the Pence/Harris debate on Wednesday. Watch how the Cool Aunt dismembers the Cyborg. Later.