SHORT RIBS AND RANDOM THOUGHTS, Thanksgiving Edition, 2020

Now a word from our neighbor county that we never think about. Try this HERE.

And if you’ve been longing for a world beyond Los Bagels, check this out HERE.

And here’s a piece about how Silicon Valley restaurants are coping, right HERE.

And it this too ghoulish to run? You know you want it ! Robin Williams’ Tiburon Estate finally sold. Read about it HERE.

And there are only two places I have ever seen fish leaping out of the water practically yelling “Catch me! Catch me!” One was on Loch Erne in Northern Ireland, the other was on the Madison River in Montana. Now it’s too crowded . Read about it HERE.

And “After a long, bitter delay the Biden Administration kicks into gear”. From the WAPO- read it HERE.

(From the WAPO: “TRUMP is now starring in his own reality show that fewer and fewer people appear to care about. The world has turned the channel and he’s still talking.”

From the NYT: The Biden Era begins. Read it HERE.

And here’s the one you expected; Trump taking out the trash. Read it HERE.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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