SHORT RIBS and Random Thoughts, Feb 29 2021

Here’s what the My Pillow guy is up to. Right HERE.

The tastiest sandwich available locally, I swear, is the Oyster Po’Boy at the Vista.

Too many Bellas? When we adopted our pitbull, Bella, I thought that ‘Bella” was the strangest name for a dog I had ever heard. Then we heard about another. Then another. Then someone kindly in formed us that “Bella” was the name of a dog on a TV show, I believe it was “Twilight”. There was another Bella in the Times-Standard the other day; I guess I’m getting used to it.

And here’s what his pal Don is up to; Right HERE.

Farewell to the NCRA. I guess I’m the only fool to regret the Passing of the NCRA but then I may be the only person you know who actually RODE the NCRA in its glory days. My grandmother took me twice, all the way to San Rafael and it was wonderful. 42 tunnels! . A Black man selling sandwiches!. All that wonderful scenery! i feel sorry for anyone who didn’t get to experience it and all it would have taken to upgrade the RR is a billion or two. Of course they tell you that railbanking is meant to preserve the RR but guess what- they never get restored to transportation- only trails, trails, trails. There are certain landowners in the Eel River Valley, who will be throw. What a shame to lose such a valuable asset! I’ve ridden the trains in Switzerland and this compares. What a shame indeed.

Everyone has heard about Gaga and her dogs. They’re not my cup of tea. They’re so overbred that they cant give birth naturally. That’s too much for me. There’s a young guy in Fields Landing who raises Frenchies and the folks at the Post Office there could probably put you in touch with him if you’re interested. His dogs looked happy and healthy.

2 thoughts on “SHORT RIBS and Random Thoughts, Feb 29 2021

  1. You grandmother did not ride the NCRA, she rode the Northwestern Pacific Railroad which lasted until April 30, 1971. On May 1st of that year Amtrak was established and eliminated several lines nationwide. Bryan Whipple started the Eureka Southern Railroad in 1984, but it went into bankruptcy about 1986 due, in part, to major winter storms that year. NCRA was created, in 1990 (if I remember correctly), by Lloyd Heckethorn and Ruth Rockefeller (and others) in meetings at the Humboldt Bay Water District conference room.

    • I stand corrected. I ALSO rode the train, whatever you want to call it. I think part of your comment got lost.

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