I‘ve been getting calls telling me to call 628 710 7088 to contact the “Amazon Fraud Department”. It’s bogus. I have never known Amazon to do business by phone.

And, sadly, the San Jose Fairmont is filing for bankruptcy, perhaps not forever. Read about it HERE.

OK, I love Guy Fieri for his support of local businesses and his pea salad, which is one of my staples, but sheesh! You can hardly turn on th e TV without seeing him hawk something or other. Have you seen the spot for that vile King’s Hawaiian Bread? Three mentions of his name in one 60-second spot.? We always knew he was a consummate marketer but maybe we need a break? His recently purchased Ferndale Meat Company features the best Italian sausage I’ve ever had but I’ve never been able to enjoy one of the legendary sandwiches because they’re always closed or closing when I show up.

I GOT MY SHOT!!!! Saturday at Pacific Union School in Arcata , having gotten thru on the 441-5000 number by calling first thing in the morning. It was remarkably well-organized.and the staff were remarkably helpful. No fallout from the shot, either.

I beg to report, if you haven’t noticed, that the Eureka Safeway is now carrying REAL tamales and char siu bow/ manapua. Your breakfast problems are solved!.

FISH!!!! Everyone has been adopting dogs and cats during the pandemic. We decided to go with fish so almost $300 later, we are the guardians of five lovely goldfish, one black, one sort of black, one calico and two real gold ones. I had originally asked Chris to get one black and four gold in accordance with classic feng shui principles, but the folks at Fin and Feather sort of gave it their own translation. We added about ten plants and a couple structures and they are now ready to face the world or at least their little part of it. The only problem is that you get lost in contemplation and spend hours gazing at them. It’s been a few years since i’ve had fish and I didn’t know what I was missing. Welcome back, guys!

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