SHORT RIBS and RANDOM THOUGHTS, April 19, 2020 almost summer edition

There must be 10,000 Erik or Eric Nelsons in Minneapolis but the lawyer defending Derek Chauvin is the one we will all remember. He’s a helluva lawyer. Did anyone hear, of all people, PAT ROBERTSON opining that the way to get good cops is to pay them well. I’ve been saying that for years! The starting salary for EPD patrol should be $100K, period.

And didja hear about Mike “The Mooch” Pompeo, who never saw a Federal employee he didn’t want to press into personal service. The DOJ has apparently caught up with him and will be billing him for all those dogwalks and droppings -off of dry cleaning. He’s scum and deserves it.

But my favorite story this morning, about one of the founders of the so-called “Oathkeepers” taking a plea and agreeing to testify against his brethern about the insurrection. Hope they broadcast THAT.

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