Wasn’t that a thrill to wake up to the sound of rain Saturday morning? I loved it. This has been a garbage summer anyway.

And thank God the primary is done. Was anyone looking forward to a shitshow starring Larry Elder? Me either. Now we have to get rid of this ridiculous primary routine.

The Amazon boys are still lurking. I got a call from one of them telling me that there had been suspicious activity regarding a card associated with my account. Sure there was. These guys don’t have Indian accents, though. More like South Bay.

In case you hadn’t heard, the Clark Museum is selling vintage reproductions of Hallowe’en cards. They’ll go fast.

1 thought on “SHORT RIBS AND RANDOM THOUGHTS, Sept 19 2021

  1. Sound of rain, yes. We get that seldom until later in the year, in San Diego, but once in a while in the night, and I really perk up to it. Memory holds…

    Julie, you got me to look at the Clark Museum website, where I got to see some interesting short videos, the bottom two on this page: in particular.

    It’s actually pretty engaging to see who built those Victorian houses, how they thought about them, and what they put within, even in this short form. And the Yurok baskets are wonderful, even through the camera.

    The talk on many videos on the site misses I feel the knowledge that folk in their times were propagandized at least as successfully as in our ages. That they were building the world properly was told to them…for others to see it differently, later, every time.

    History is long…and what each age and culture grows from should be reckoned with what went before, to be actually understood, which is a pretty worthwhile tthing to do, at least I think in such a way.

    You take care, up there 🙂

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