SHORT RIBS and Random Thoughts, Wed Nov 21, 2021

BE GLAD you’re not enrolled in Kaiser! My friend got into a billing dispute with them and they actually hung up on him, then they transferred him to someone who didn’t know what they were doing. TIP: call early in the day.

Are you sick of those commercials for Classico spaghetti sauce that indicate any food that you heat up and serve is “COOKED?” I don’t think so.

Speaking of food, we’re going light since there are only two of us this year. Neither of us likes turkey so we’re doing a couple of Cornish hens, quick, tasty and nothing to clean up.

IS the County falling apart? I don’t know enough about accounting to be calm about it. And who’s paying for Sheriff Honsal’s ads in the NCJ? That makes me nervous too.

AND it makes we nervous that a Black man can be trashed by a prosecutor fo having “long dirty toenails”, even in 2021. And I don’t like that every nothing town in the Midwest is pushing their way to the front of the line to be noticed. Or it seems that way.

TRAGEDY! The Lost Coast Outpost reports that Bob’s Footlongs at 12th st in Fortuna is closing. Sad details in the NCJ. Yes, it’s a tough business.

Happy Thanksgiving!

SHORT RIBS and Random Thoughts, Nov 14 2021

WHO THE HELL rented out space in my brain for Aaron Rodgers to occupy? Just what we need -another ill-informed ballplayer to gum up the works. There outghta be a law that says anyone drawing an NFL salary should STFU.

AND WHO THE HELL turned our county government into a shitshow?

And why are we subjected to all these stupid ads about Iowa? Years ago when Chris Kerrigan and some other locals went to Iowa to campaign they came back with genererably favorable comments but I don’t recall that they were raving about the place.

And while we’re at it, WHO decided, years ago, that it was OK to use live ammo, for films??? WHO??

I love the way the sun slants this time of year. Our front window makes a checkerboard pattern on Bella as she squeezes into a sunny patch.

From the Whistle Punk, publication of the Timber Heritage Association. October issue: “”By 1889 John Vance had 9700 acres of timberlands which he believed was worth $643,000….Vance voluntarily cut the workday from 12 to 10 hours.” The THA is a fine organization which has taken the lead on the restoration of the Samoa shops.


Our Hallowe’en wasn’t worth mentioning so let’s skip that.

I suppose everyone in town knows that the Carter House is being sold. I wouldn’t have the nerve to buy a hotel in Eureka but hopefully someone will. Best of luck to Mr Carter, now in Tennessee, and thank for keeping the property up.

GLASGOW! The most interesting small city I have ever been in. The news this week has made me nostalgic. The damn networks are showing Edinburgh instead of Glasgow. What’s up with that ? Can’ t they afford a two-hour train ride? Glasgow is an amazing, quirky city . Only place I ever had a cabbie return a tip because he was a good Socialist. Glasgow used to send a Communist to Parliament regularly, don’t know about now.

DAVE GROHL’S book– Chris came home from COSTCO with a copy of The Storyteller , a funny warm memoir about parenthood from the frontman of the Foo Fighters. Stocked at COSTCO before Christmas! How clever! Remember when All Things Must Pass came out right before Christmas and we all bought it for our moms? Those were the days.