Erie, PA

I was just posting about Amtrak when the news came on the TV that the deranged killer of Cleveland had shot himself in Erie PA. On our trip in October we stopped in Erie. We were driving alongside a body of water and I suddenly realized it was Lake Erie!  We’re both childish enough to be thrilled at seeing another Great Lake and as we approached Erie, it was inviting enough that we changed our plan and decided to overnight there rather than moving on to Cleveland. I’m glad we did.

Erie is a wonderful little city in the grip of depression.  I hadn’t really seen the Rust Belt up close  and it was striking.  On one side of town were the pubs and cafés and a new Sheraton right on the water. On the other were broken down businesses and rotting houses.  Broken down people, too. The Sheraton was SOLD OUT on a Monday night, I’m assuming for a conference. We stayed at the Avalon, which was a deal at $75. We didn’t check out the McDonald’s where the killer social worker killed himself- the Avalon had a great breakfast.  We found good Chinese food in Erie, also, and the lake views were magnificent. 

If I’m in the neighborhood again I would definitely stop in Erie.  A lot of the tourist attractions had already closed down for the season or we would have gone on a lake cruise. I love travel, even to weird places. Especially to weird places.