Chobani vs Alex Jones-Guess Whose Side I’m On!

The first I ever heard of Chobani was an article somewhere a few years ago about a Turkish immigrant who revived a defunct yogurt factory in upstate New York. Since then Chobani has become the most popular yogurt in the US.  I’m eating a lime Chobani as I type this.  I like the raspberry, too.

Their road to success has taken them from New York to Twin Falls, Idaho, where they have built the largest yogurt plant in the country and have become well-known for championing the rights of their employees and other immigrants. This apparently brought them to the attention of the vile Alex Jones, the genius who brought you  “Sandy Hook Didn’t Happen” and Pizzagate, among other  Breitbart-type fantasies. They are suing him, and hopefully they will prevail.

The whole story is HERE