Short Ribs and Random Thoughts Oct 17 2017

It should be clear to any intelligent voter that our Fake President did not win the election because of Russia interference, but because he has been the only candidate in history to go into the election with 100% name recognition. If he continues his course, he will also be the first President in history to inflict a major loss of health benefits on the people in our society who are least able to sustain them.  He should be ashamed, but he is incapable of shame.   Three weeks after the hurricane, 30% of Puerto Rico has no clean water and 85% of the people have no electricity but he wants to be praised while he pitches paper towels to the peasants like a damn Marie Antoinette.  Work hard, Bob Mueller, work hard.

THE FIRES- everyone has a fire story. Two of my cousins in Santa Rosa are back home but still may have to leave because of air quality.  My other cousin sold his home in Fountaingrove last  year.  It has burned to the ground. There is nothing more upsetting than seeing a family home destroyed, except for the loss of life.

SOME FUN GUN STATS-from TIME.  There are 265 million guns in the US. These are owned by 35% of the population.  94% of all voters support background checks for all gun buyers. 57% believe guns are too easy to buy and only 35% think more Americans owning guns will make Americans safer. Finally, 30% of gun OWNERS support stricter gun laws.

DID YOU HEAR about the fire in Redding that was caused by a spark from a golf cart??? Something ELSE to worry about!  And what about the bozo who’s been aiming lasers at aircraft from “somewhere east of McKinleyville”?  Of COURSE it would be a bozo from MackTown!  Of COURSE!  Hope they catch him soon.  It’s obviously a “him.”  It always  is.

THE BALLOT- I know that people have fought and bled and died to preserve our right to vote, but isn’t  this going a little too far?  I live in Cutten.  I got a ballot giving me a choice of two people for CR trustee, a sheet of instructions (!), and  a “Mail Ballot Voter Receipt” that is mostly blank plus a return envelope to which YOU are supposed to attach a stamp. I would be that most of these get tossed  in the trash and never returned. There has to be a better, less wasteful was to do this.

I WILL ASK the same question to ATT customers that I ask to Facebook users and people who still deal with Wells Fargo- WHY ARE YOU STILL DOING THAT?

The long awaited and much anticipated Mity Nice Bakery – in the old HCAR building on 7th- has apparently changed their name to the Fat Cat Bakery, which is a improvement.  Mity Nice sounded too much like MICE.   Let’s hope for their early opening.   Let’s hope also that someone does something about the building NEXT to it which has to be The Worst Building In Eureka.  It it’s not, tell me which is.

The Stuf’d Potato- I thought a October-fest visit  would be appropriate but we got off to a false start because THEIR WEBSITE IS INCORRECT.  They are only open from 4pm-  NO lunch service at all anymore.  They have a Early Bird menu (not on the website) which basically echoes the dinner menu without soup/salad. I had the Jaegerschnitzel ( pork cutlet with a mushroom sauce) and it was well-prepared.  The only vegetables they had were that red cabbage I don’t like and carrots, which I don’t like either.  The potatoes come in kind of a ball, a little gummy but tasty. The veal was fine but the standout was their mushroom and bacon soup. It was outstanding and I would  go back just for that. HERE’s a link to their website but I would call to confirm before making that long trek to Broadway.  It’s an attractive and comfortable restaurant in a strip mall. Your grandmother will love it. 

Have you heard the Mexicans’ nickname for Trump? TWITLER!  I love it.

THIS JUST IN- Trump plays golf while our soldiers; bodies land at Langley,  lies that Obama didn’t meet the bodies of the troops. There is NO limit to his evil. 


Short Ribs and Random Thoughts Aug 7 2017

August 6, yesterday,  is the anniversary of the dropping of the bomb on Hiroshima, a day which is commemorated but not celebrated.  Let’s hope there is never a repeat.

DANNIEL- I only drive the Old Arcata Road in the summer.  Winter is too icey and dark.  But every time I drive it, I carefully check to see how Danniel is doing at Lost Coast Hay.  When he first moved over there, I was concerned that they weren’t giving him enough room, but he is now in a bigger space, which he shares with a brown cow.  A roommate!   I always take out-of-town visitors to see Danniel.  He is a wonder, and a worthy successor to Bill the Chimp, who will never be forgotten.

The TIMES-STANDARD-  I serve on a readers’ panel which meets monthly to give feedback to Editor Marc Valles, who is showing great good spirits as he struggles to produce a paper in this huge county with only three reporters plus a sports guy. Corporate cutbacks have not been kind to the T-S or other small-town papers. Nationally, even the  “successful” papers have incurred staff cutbacks. God knows, we need our print journalism more than ever in the era of Trump and Fake News etc..  Marc is very open to feedback from the readers and you can reach him at  

But don’t waste his time! He’s a busy guy!

ANNALS OF CUSTOMER SERVICE-  Every time we have another AT&T outage I wonder why anyone bothers with AT&T but Suddenlink service is not that much better.  I spent SIX DAYS recently without cable service in half my house (the TIVO sets weren’t working). They were so backed up it took them six days to come  out.  They fixed it,  then a couple of days later I had a freaky evening when the remotes didn’t work. Then the next morning they worked again. This is obviously a plot to make us crazy.  I am miserable without cable, just miserable. I had taped about 30 movies so I started to watch them. I watched Pal Joey, an awful movie that showed how bad an actor Sinatra was without the right direction. But he made up for it in From Here To Eternity, bigly.  BTW, did you know that Kim Novak is an Oregonian? Lives with her retired-vet husband on a 300-acre ranch near Ashland.

HUFFMAN’S OUTREACH- Your Congressman, Jared Huffman, has introduced legislation to “restore and revitalize forests and wetlands” and a whole bunch more.  The Times summarized it HERE

His first meeting is at the Wharfinger on Monday, August 14, from 530 to 830. August 14 is a historical day, too. That’s the day WWI started. 

PEN AIR- I really don’t have a dog in this fight as it is my firm ambition never to fly again, but I do regret the loss of service from Pen Air.  Bad for business, bad for those who still have to fly. Bad, I presume, for the hard working folks at Fly Humboldt. Has anyone costed out the viability of a ground shuttle to Medford or Sacramento, or both?

CAL-ORE LIFE FLIGHT-  Speaking of flying, I sent in my check to Cal-Ore Life Flight the other day and received my membership card and keychain thingy in the mail. A friend of mine says she  would not have incurred $56K if she’d had it when she was  flown to  SF for surgery. Years ago, when I was working for State Rehab, I had to travel to Crescent City weekly and I joined the Del Norte Chamber. They had one of their meetings at Cal-Ore at their facility and I was really impressed with the people and their dedication. And I was really saddened  when they had their crash, losing four people. Anyway, I’m in.   And hope I never have to use it. As they say in their ad insert,  “The best thing to happen on the worst day of your life”.

QUOTE FROM CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER-  “Bungled collusion is still collusion”.

Sunset DISCOVERS SAMOA- on their website they’re featuring those vacation cottages, with nods to the Cookhouse and  our oysters. It’s HERE