Golfing on Graves? Why not?

There has been a lot of gossip lately about people playing golf at Ocean View Cemetery. Perhaps they were employees. It doesn’t sound like anyone knows for sure. There have been outraged posts in places like Facebook about what a terrible outrage this is.

I have family going  back four generations in Eureka and most of them are buried at OVC. If I were buried there, I would be dead (hopefully)  and I WOULDN’T CARE if someone wanted to hit a few balls while standing on my marker. How can it be disrespectful?  For some people golf is a religion, anyway.

I lost my sister in January 2015. She had expressed a desire to be buried at sea so I made the arrangements. I found that Ayers Family Cremation provides a burial at sea and they were very kind and easy to work with.  They take the ashes and when they have two or three to sea-bury they take them in a boat out past the bar and scatter them there. Then they go surfing, which is very life-affirming. When I die, I want Ayers to deal with me.

Golf has come under a lot of criticism lately because it consumes a lot of water and land. On the other hand, golf courses DO provide recreation, exercise (if you walk) and beautiful open spaces.  The Mad River Union has been reporting on the crisis at Baywood, which has half the membership they had ten years ago, and is in such dire financial  straits that they are trying to get a THP approved so they can log the course!!!   Yup,  logging trucks on Buttermilk Drive is what the Baywood folks are pushing.  Nice way to treat Arcata. Here’s a better idea:  sell a few gravesites up there.  I’d bet there are more than a few diehard duffers who would welcome a chance to be buried on their favorite course or even their favorite hole. Am I wrong??