Our Fake President Wants A Real War

Unable to govern, he wants to spend the next seven years running for office, in  a “Groundhog Day” -like nightmare. He wants to endlessly relive past triumphs when he needs to move on. His short attention span and his profound ignorance are apparent in the stilted phrases he parrots without knowing what he’s reading from the teleprompter. 

Did you catch his body language?  Hugging himself so tightly it’s a wonder he could speak?  Repeating the apocalyptic ‘fury” language so beloved by Steve Bannon and the other right-wing freaks now inhabiting the White House,  he has no understanding of history or statecraft.  Will the grownups take over?  Will the Congress and the Joint Chiefs start working around him? Will he finish his term as a useless appendage?  That may be the BEST outcome.

Will his ignorance and klutziness result in the biggest power on earth destroying one of the poorest countries on earth ?  Is there no cleverness, or invention or strategy short of nuclear war to protect us?? Trump has always been a bully. America cannot afford to let him act out his fantasies.