Broadway gains a bistro; more busses

A new bistro: There’s another empty storefront in Henderson Center now that the Stuft Potato has moved to the old Babetta’s site on Broadway. The old venue, in the Steve’s Coney Island next to Norman’s dry cleaners, could charitably have been described as “cozy” but it was definitely too crowded for a business lunch or anything else you didn’t want to include the whole world in on. The new place is spacious and downright elegant and advertises itself as a European Bistro. The menu has been expanded to include vegetarian options such as strudel and continues to offer sandwiches, the “stuft” potatoes with a myriad of toppings including meatloaf, and dinner selections including schnitzels, rouladen and goulash. I’ve always liked their food but the experience should be a lot more pleasant now and I would recommend checking them out. No word on what is happening to the old place.  

(We apparently have a problem with the link to their site. Try going direct to “ ” till we get it fixed. Sorry!) 

By the way, can anyone remember the location of the ORIGINAL Steve’s? I can. Let’s hear from you!

More busses! In transportation-starved Humboldt County any news is good news. On Hallowe’en, Bolt Bus , a subsidiary of Greyhound, will start thrice-daily service between the Bay Area and Los Angeles. Oddly, they won’t serve San Francisco directly but will be doing curbside pickups at the Diridon Station, 75 Cahill Street in San Jose and at the West Oakland Bart station on Seventh Street, with the LA hub at Union Station. Fares are still being evaluated according to demand; check their website. Like other “premium discount” services, they will feature wi-fi, power outlets, greater legroom, and online ticket purchase although walkup tickets can be purchased depending on availability.All tickets are nonrefundable.  I notice they are also serving Eugene, a handy connection to Amtrak, but of course by way of LA.  Someday, will we at least have an express bus to SF? Anything would help.  

Next week: lessons from “Catfish” for Redwood Coast Business.