Cutten Animal Health Center is Closing!

I’ve been taking my animals to CAHC since 1993 and have never had any complaints. Dr Humble has always been good with them and didn t try to run up the charges the way some vets do. But when I went it Tuesday to get LouLou her shots I was greeted by a sketchy looking couple who informed me that the doctor was no longer available and that the practice had been closed. The only service they were offering was to copy the vet records.  The lobby was strewn with pizza boxes. 

I knew Dr Humble had  had problems before but I thought he was great and my animals loved him. After 23 years you should at least get a cheery postcard if they’re closing. But that’s life.  If you have records down there get over there in the next day or two.. 

In Humboldt we now have a shortage of vets to go along with our shortages of doctors, nurses, surgeons and nursing-home beds.  What next?